The Warning Signs of Cyberstalking and How to Prevent it

Who we are

We are a team of digital natives who are deeply experienced in using the internet – we range from software developers and digital marketers through to technology writers. We have a range of different backgrounds and skills that help us write the content for this website. We have studied system security certifications and installed ISO’s, we have resolved problems on hacked websites through to provided advice and guidance in legal cases around social media use. Hence we have a broad range of expertise that qualifies us to write and share our learnings from keeping our families, teams and co-workers through to clients safe online.

Our Aims

Our aims with this cyber safety website is to share the best advice, help and tips we can along with our own personal recommendations on solutions that have worked for us personally. The digital world changes so fast, it is often hard to keep up – hence we felt the need to document our research, findings and experience within this website. Our core aim is to help as many other people as possible protect themselves better online. We want to help people enjoy the digital world – be safe digital citizens and avoid any inappropriate behaviour, cyberbullying or predator activity online.

Our Focus

Within cyber security or digital safety there are so many areas to focus – we decided to tackle core areas we found issues arise time and time again. These included ransomware, virus protection, passwords – while many consider this basic, it is so essential and scary how many issues we find here. We also cover cyber security in general, hacking, cyber bullying through to internet statistics and news around cyber attacks globally. We find these facts and statistics incredibly shocking, but also an excellent reminder and guide to how important cyber security is today.

Our Promise

We are dedicated to sharing the best advice, council, direction, information, recommendations, suggestions and opinions on everything related to staying safe in the digital world. We will also provide guidelines to policies for work, school and home – review software – from apps to anti virus software as well as facts and data as to what is happening in the digital safety world. It can be dangerous to allow anyone online today without protecting their device – from computer to mobile phone. Hopefully you will find our website helpful and we look forward to hearing from you through our contact form, through the content being shared online or any comments left on any post.

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We will continue to focus on creating and sharing content, tips and advice around how individuals, families and companies can stay safe online. Internet safety covers every aspect of live today and criminals are becoming smarter and more creative every year in how they take advantage of unprepared individuals online.