With the abundance of apps available for all types of devices these days, it is possible to find an app for just about any need that may arise. Weight loss, shopping and increasing productivity apps can all be quite useful. Many people search for apps to hide text messages. If you are searching for apps to do this, or would like to learn more about what is available on the market in this area, then this information is for you.

Apps To Hide Text Messages

So what exactly are apps to hide text messages, and how do they work? There are many different categories of apps that can do this sort of thing: Some will cause text messages that you send and receive to become immediately hidden, and others disguise themselves as other apps, making it difficult for prying individuals to discover your secrets. These apps will make it impossible for someone who might look through your cell phone to view your sent and received messages since they will likely be unaware of the existence of the app.

Types of Text Message Hiding Apps

There are many ways that they can work. Here are just a few of the features that are found in such apps:

  • Blocking: These are apps that can block messages and calls from specific contacts, or contain specific keywords.
  • Hiding: These apps hide texts in your device so that they are not immediately accessible to anyone else using the device.
  • Self-Destructing: These apps send temporary messages that vanish after a given time, or once some user action is fulfilled.

Why People Use These Apps

Why would a person want an app to hide their text messages? Although many people don’t like to admit it, people go outside of their relationship for sex or intimacy all the time. If you don’t want your lover to find evidence on your phone regarding your secret girlfriend or boyfriend, then one of these apps could help you keep your affair secret. While, of course, we don’t condone this, it is one reason people use such apps.

These apps could also be used to install on another person’s phone, to run in the background, unnoticed, giving you control over their text communications. This is illegal, as well as an obvious invasion of privacy, and we strongly recommend not doing this. You may be more justified in doing this if the person you are snooping on is your child. However, you may want to consider being forthright and direct with your child about their device usage, rather than going behind their back.

Not all of the potential reasons are nefarious, however. A person might want an app for hiding text messages because of work. Perhaps you are working with clients and you need to keep any text messages, files, videos and related information private. There are certain laws in effect that could cause someone to sue you should you disclose their private information. This is why any of these amazing apps can really come in handy. Not only will it enable you to keep all your clients’ personal information private, but also it will prevent you from breaking the law. This can also be useful for journalists working on contentious topics that require careful privacy control.

Another reason you might want an app like this is to hide certain content from your children. Parents will often allow their children to use their cell phones to watch videos, play games, etc. While searching through the phone, a child or adolescent could accidentally come across private photos that are of an adult nature, or any other data that parents would prefer their children not see. Any of these apps can prevent this from occurring, as the child will be unable to view any messages or other information that you have hidden.

You may just be a private person and would prefer that your parents, siblings or friends not have access to certain information should they come across your phone and start looking through it. Some parents like to snoop through their teens’ diaries, rooms and cell phones, and if you’re a teen with a snooping parent, then one of these apps will prevent them from reading your private text messages and viewing your private photos.

Best apps to hide text messages: Apple Devices

If you have an iPhone or iPad and you’re looking for the ultimate app to hide text messages, and more, then here are some top choices:

  • Cover Me – In addition to enabling you to hide text messages that you don’t want to be read by others, this handy app enables you to hide documents, photos, phone calls and more. You get to keep your information 100% private for absolutely free.
  • Secret Apps – At a mere $0.99, many iPhone/iPad users consider this full-service app to be a steal. Not only can you hide sensitive text messages, photos, and other private data. Also, the app will secretly snap photos of anyone attempting to access your files. This app is password-protected and looks like other IOS apps, making it easy to blend in with other apps so snoopers can’t easily find it.
  • iDiscrete – This is yet another app that can make your private messages and conversations hidden from anyone searching through your phone. It doesn’t matter whether you have a jealous significant other or a prying co-worker, for $2.99, iDiscrete makes it easy to keep sensitive information out of anyone’s reach. Those who have already downloaded the app have been highly satisfied with not only the app itself but also with the friendliness and helpfulness of customer service.
  • Wickr – This is a self-destructing messenger. It’s feature rich and boasts military grade encryption. You can share messages, photos and also files.

Best Apps to Hide Text Messages: Android

If you’re the owner of an Android device then you can rest assured that there are some amazing apps for you as well. Here are some top choices that you might want to check out:

  • Vault-Hide – This app is a very highly rated choice among Android users. You will have your very own private vault, enabling you to keep text messages and other data hidden from others who may prowl through your phone. Not only will your vault be password protected, but you can also opt to camouflage it for added protection. You can hide text messages, videos, chat sessions and more, for absolutely no cost.
  • Hide SMS – This is another app that has been highly rated by Android users. Your incoming messages will go directly into your vault, and you don’t have to be worried about annoying notifications popping up. You will receive a discrete indication at the top of your device that a new message has been received, enabling you to view it at your leisure. Just like the previous app, Hide SMS is at no cost.
  • Hide Text SMS & Calls – This is yet another marvellous hide text message app for Android devices. It is a vault-like app similar to the previous two choices, and it is also free. It doesn’t matter if you want to hide your text messages or everything from your entire call logs to incoming photos, you can do so with this easy-to-use app.
  • Wickr – This is also available on Android. As mentioned above, it’s feature rich and boasts military grade encryption. You can share messages, photos and also files. It’ll also work on your computer; Windows, Linux and Mac.


There are many reasons why a person may want to hide text messages on their cell phones. These messages could contain sensitive, work-related information, private photos or other data that you don’t want someone using your phone to come across. Regardless of the reason, you don’t want your text messages visible to others, you have the opportunity to choose between an abundance of helpful apps. Not only can some of the apps available help you to keep your text messages hidden, but many of them will allow you to keep phone numbers, phone call history and other information hidden from anyone’s prying eyes.

How do you feel about data security, private text messages, sexting or other concerns regarding messaging? Please share your thoughts below; we’d love to hear from you.