Often when you are protecting your children one of the main things you do is limit their Internet access. The problem is you may not know about the different ways how kids get online. When you know about some of these ways in which your kids are accessing the Internet, even though you are monitoring all the different ways you can think of. However, kids are inventive and will manage to get on the Internet, even when you think you have everything locked down to the point your kids cannot get online. Learn How Children get Online and what is child internet safety?

Child Internet Safety: Public Internet Access

Most of the time a key place your children will be getting online is at the different public access locations. You may think you have your home Internet locked down, which you may. However, kids can often go to a coffee shop or restaurant with their mobile devices and get access to the Internet. This is one type of Internet connection that you cannot protect your kids with. This is when you should have some information on how you can limit the access your kids have to the different public connections in your area.

– You can watch your children closely when they are at the location. When you are with your kids this is easy to do, but when they are out without you being present this gets harder. However, if you want to protect your children properly if they are younger, then you would want to keep track of what they are doing on the Internet in public locations. This may even include telling them to log off of the Internet when you want them to. Without this, you may have trouble getting to control what your kids are doing at these public locations.

– Another thing which you can do to limit your kid’s Internet access is to password protect the devices which they use. When you can limit the access the kids have by using passwords, they will not be able to get online without the password being entered. So you would want to make sure you are using this to guarantee your kids are protected and not able to get online at any period of time when they are around a public connection without you being around.

Child Internet Safety: How To Control Mobile Phones

With children in today’s age, they are getting mobile phones at a younger age. These are getting to be hard to control and often the kids will treat these as their gateway to the Internet because you cannot really restrict what your kids are doing on them. However, here are some of the ways you can take control of the Internet on the phones and know your kids will be properly protected from any type of bullying or other intrusions into their life by going online.

– The first thing you can do to help control the phones is to not have a data plan for the phone. When you do not have the data plan, the kids typically cannot get online at all. However, you will find some kids will still try to access the Internet and will then claim it was a mistake when you get the charges on the bill for the cost which you using. So you can use the lack of data plan to help keep your kids from getting online.

– Another thing you can do with the mobile phones to keep your kids from gaining Internet access is to have the company put a block on the line. When you have these blocks installed on the phones, the kids cannot use the Internet at all. In fact, when they do attempt to use the Internet they will have a little item pop up which tells them the line has been blocked from gaining access to the Internet for the reason which you specified. So this is a great option and an option that your children cannot get around.

– If you are using the phone as well, a block may not work out as well as you think. Since this may not work out well for you, then you would want to use password protection. The password protection works out great as long as your children do not guess the password. So you would want to make sure you are using a password that your kids cannot guess, but also keep changing to ensure they are not getting the password when you are not around.

Child Internet Safety: Laptops And PC Protection

Commonly if you are at home you will have some type of computer in your home. The problem with this is this is a great gateway for your kids to get online. When your kids are at home and getting on the Internet you have a great chance of protecting your kids. However, you may not know some of the ways you can do this and this can easily lead to you having your kids access websites that you do not want to have your kids on.

– Set up a minor account on your computer. When you are setting up your computer you will find you have the chance to set up more than one user. By having this option you can have a great time getting to protect your kids because they have their own accounts on the computer. Then you can control what kind of programs are open for your kids, but also where they are allowed to go on the computer.

– Internet blocking programs are another great feature you can use as well. These will help control what websites your kids are going to. With these, you can keep your kids from getting to specific sites, but also block quite a few of the other sites which your kids may want to get on. Some of these programs will cost you some money, but you will also find some of the programs are free as well. Without the programs, you will have to watch your kids all the time when they are browsing online.

Child Internet Safety: Tablets Are Another Option

Often kids are going outside of the PC or laptop world now and starting to use tablets to get all of their work done. This is when you should know more information about how you can protect your kids when they are using these devices. Without this, you may have trouble in getting to protect your kids because of the new devices to which your kids are gaining access.

– These devices often require a data plan. Just like the phones, these will commonly require a data plan if they are not connected to the WiFi. However, when you have these plans you can start to restrict what your kids have access to and know your kids will be protected from any of the harm which can come from the devices. Without this restriction or blockage when your kids are out, it may be impossible to have the proper protection you need to have.

– Something else you can do with these devices is to establish some type of site limits. Most of the time the tablets will only have a limited amount of Internet access as it is. However, you need to make sure you are using the restrictions and settings to guarantee your system is not being hacked into. Without this, you will have some trouble getting to enjoy your kids browsing around on the Internet at any period of time.

Having your kids get online can be a scary thing for a variety of reasons. This is when you should have more information on how kids get online and how you can protect your kids when they are getting online. Once you know about the ways your kids are getting online, it is easy for you to have the protection you need to have for your kids. Without any of this information, you can have trouble in getting to protect your kids while they are doing school work online or even browsing the Internet. With this information, though, you can have the proper protection for all of your kids and know the Internet will be a safe and enjoyable place for them to go to.

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