Generally, when you are browsing the Internet, you know you can do this from the security of your home. However, with all the news topics, you may find you need to be more secure about your Internet connection, but also about what you are doing. This is when you should know some of the best Internet safety tips around.

When you have these tips, it is easy for you to protect yourself and your kids. Without any of these tips, you may end up having your security breached or even worse your entire identity stolen because of what you have been doing online. By following the Cyber safety tips, though, you can easily protect yourself and know you do not have to be concerned about any of these things happening to you at all.

Cyber Safety Tips: Realize The Problem Is Not A Technical Issue

One of the most common things people think when they run into problems online is they think it is a technical issue. However, you need to realize if you have personal information on the Internet, it is already out past your firewall and even your other protective items. So you are a prime candidate for hackers or other people to gain control of your information.

Now, this becomes an issue when you start to find people who are stealing your identity, which is a crime, not a problem with the software on your machine. To prevent this you should use caution on what kind of information you are giving out to people.

Cyber Safety Tips: Avoid The Work At Home Scams

Now there are some legitimate online jobs, which pay a very decent wage. However, you need to realize these are usually very well documented and not going to be sent to you in emails telling you to send out information to get started. These are scams and usually end up with your information being stolen or even worse taken for the use which you would not approve of, even if you knew what was going on.

Cyber Safety Tips: Password Security Is Key

Often people will pick out a password they can easily remember. This is all well and good, but you need to remember if you can easily remember it, then it probably is not that secure of a password. So you should look for a password which is not a common word or even a common item for you to use.

For example, if you have a dog with a unique name you would want to use this as a password in conjunction with some form of numbers or symbols. Then you would find people have a harder time accessing your account. Without the difficult passwords, your information may be available for anyone to see and browse because hackers can easily get into your account.

Cyber Safety Tips: Use Different Email Accounts For Different Things

You may think you can only have one email account. However, this is far from the truth and if you want to protect yourself from getting all of your information stolen or even being controlled by some of the cyberbullying which goes on, you should have more than one account.

For example, you would want to have one account for all of the social networking you do, but then have a separate account for your banks, bills, and other payments you make. You may even want to consider one account that you would use specifically for shopping to guarantee you are not buying stuff and leaving your primary financial account open for hackers.

Cyber Safety Tips: Use Caution When Using Free Wi-Fi

Public networks or free Wi-Fi is a great option, but you need to realize these do have some risks associated with them. For example, you will be transmitting all of your information on the Internet where other people can get access to your information.

So you should be cautious about what you are doing when using these networks. They are a great option, but you need to realize most of the time because of how they are operating they will be open for anyone to find out the information and this could even be the sensitive information you do not want other people getting.

Cyber Safety Tips: Use A Virtual Server

Often people will think of these virtual servers as nothing more than a scam. However, these are a great way to protect your identity and your location. Typically you do pay extra, but the layer of security between you and the potential bullies and other issues is immense. So you would want to use these to help redirect your own IP address to that of the server. Then you will have a protective layer between you and the other person who is trying to gain access to your information.

Cyber Safety Tips: Make Sure You Always Use A Credit Card

Using a credit card online may not seem like it is that safe of an idea, but you need to realize if you are paying for anything with a debit card online, you are opening yourself up to the potential identity theft and do not have any recourse against the thief.

When you are using a credit card they typically have a zero fraud liability and then you can protect yourself from the charges, but also know what site the person was using. Not only that if someone does steal your information, but it is also a lot easier to get the credit card replaced than having to deal with all of your banking information, which could be at stake with a debit card theft.

Cyber Safety Tips: Do Your Homework On Deals Before Settling

If you have any doubts or concerns about an online shop or website make sure you do all of your homework on them. You may not realize this, but some of these shops may be a scam waiting to happen. Once you are scammed you become the victim and do not really have much left to hold other than the thought of getting the item.

So you should settle any of the doubts you have about an online store or even a simple website long before you make the purchase. This may take a little bit more research on your part, but the peace of mind and knowing you are not getting taken for a ride is commonly well worth the extra hassle and headache you have to deal with if you are taken advantage of.

Cyber Safety Tips:  Avoid The Virus Scam Pop-ups

You may have come across these annoying little pop-ups before. You most likely have if you have gone to any site on the Internet. They always seem to come up and tell you that we have found a virus and you need to buy our software to remove it from your computer. These are typically scams and annoying little ads, but once you download them the people who are getting the software out have your information and can easily take it from you. Then you will have to deal with the headache of being scammed and having to fight to get all of your information back.

Safety Tips:  Make Sure You Use Updated Browsers

Browsers are updated for a specific reason. The reason is typical to provide you with more security options and to guarantee your safety when you are using the Internet. So you need to make sure you are updating your browsers to the latest releases. If you want proof of this, then you should look at the Internet Explore Six issue.

With this issue, it was very easy for hackers to gain personal information, but also could track your information. As you can tell Internet Explorer quickly updated after that and the new update closed down a majority of the ways the hackers were using. So you need to guarantee you are updating each time a new browser or new items come out.

Safety Tips:  Make Sure You Check Your Computer Log Files

Checking your log files may not seem like it is that important to do and for the most part, it is not. However, one log file you would want to check on a regular basis would be your firewall log. This is the file which will tell you what the firewall has let through. Then you can determine what websites you are visiting are starting to attack your computer and which one of these is safe for you to go to.

Without this information, you may continue to go to the same website and then eventually it will find a hole in your firewall and get through the wall. Then all of your personal information, even that you have locked in files, will be flowing to the website. By checking the logs, though, you can determine when the information leak started or even if the websites you are going to are trying to get your information.

Safety Tips: Check The Services You Subscribe To

Most of the time you will subscribe to some type of service for your computer. This may include a radio, virus protection, or something else. By subscribing to these you may be allowing more information out about yourself than you think. So you would want to make sure you are using the proper protection and remove some of these services which seem to all be doing the same thing. When you have more than one of these services, you will dramatically increase your chances of having the information stolen or even worse be open to some type of infection on your computer because of what you have open and running at any given time frame.

Safety Tips: Follow URL By Typing It In

Emails are a great way for you to accidentally download a cookie or other information which can track your activity online. The problem is when you click on the links in these emails you are allowing them to track what you are doing. The best thing you can do is find the URL and then type it in manually. When you do this, it prevents the emails from tracking your activity but also protects your information from being associated with a specific affiliate tag or another way to track your online activity.

Making sure you are using your computer properly and safely can be a great thing. The main problem you may face is not knowing how you can be protected properly. This is when you should know more information about the proper Internet safety tips. When you start to use these tips, it is easy for you to know you are properly protected while browsing online, but also will not have to be concerned about your information being stolen from you when you are not online. Without this type of hints, you may have trouble protecting yourself, but even more importantly have trouble protecting your kids from the types of people who you do not even want to be around, let alone expose your kids.

What are your go-to Cyber Safety Tips that you always tell your kids? What are your top Cyber Safety Tips to live by? Share with us your most essential Cyber Safety Tips below…