Bullying can mean digital images that are taken by friends or family that are posted that are meant to hurt or embarrass someone. With school children it often occurs with friends from school or in the neighbourhood. With computers and the many social media networks bullying photos are a way to control, hurt, and often harass another person. Cell phones are another tool that can be used to share bullying photos with others, It is very easy to send photos with text messages with all the mobile devices that exist. Learn more about cyberbullying and bullying photos Now! 

These photos can reach you at home, school, or anywhere that Internet access is found. There are more incidents of teens and college students committing suicides because of bullying photos circulated on the Internet. This happens to both boys and girls often done by someone they know. One well known case is a Canadian teen Rehtaeh Parsons that committed suicides after months of having sexually explicit photos circulated about her on Facebook and through cell phones.

The incident involved her attending a party getting drunk and having pictures taken of her sexual encounters. It was alleged that she was raped by four boys or men at the party. After this these photos were circulated for months by the men who were involved in the incident. This caused her to eventually take her life due to the bullying photos. This is a very extreme example of the mental anguish this type of bullying has on teens, the distribution of bullying pics can have devastating effects on victims.

Some photos may be bullying pictures downloaded off the Internet that send a message of hate or of a sexually explicit nature. Bullying pictures can demean a person’s race, religion, sex, or even physical appearance. Photos can be posted to social networks, sent via email, or distributed through mobile phones. There are so many devices that is is an easy way to bully someone.

Another types of bullying pics is when sometimes photos are taken to control or even blackmail the person. Once sexually explicit bullying pics are sent via email to someone it is impossible to control their distribution. This is called sexting and often hundreds of photos can be distributed in a few hours. Sometimes a victim’s picture and information is posted on sites that leaves them open to be contacted by shady characters.

Sometime a bullying incident is recorded by kids using a cell phone or camera. It show the victim being hit, verbally harassed or being punched by kids. It can be a group of kids that post these bullying pics to the Internet so that it has a wider audience. The bullying pics can also be done through a mass email mailing giving the victim more pain and humiliation. These are some ways bullying photos or videos can be used. Bullying pics can be spread and hurt the daily lives of  elementary school kids through bullying pics hurting youths at college age.

It is said that adolescent girls cyber bully like boys. Girls spread rumors where boys are more likely to post photos and videos. What do you do if you are victim of bullying photos or messages.

Tell someone a parent , teacher, or aide that someone is bullying you whether with bullying pics or other forms of bullying. This is not easy if it is embarrassing and painful. If you are receiving photos show them what is being sent to you, and ask them to help. Sometimes you don’t know who is doing the bullying so you are in the dark. You may suspect but it is hard to prove.

When you receive disturbing messages or photos walk away or turn off your cell phone and computer. Delete the message and block the person sending it. Don’t respond or give the person a reason to keep bothering you with their bullying pics. Take a break and get off the social forum, tablet, or cell phone. Sometimes you can rid yourself of a bully that hounds you this way with bullying pics.

When you engage with the bully you only give him or her fuel to continue their behavior. If it happens on Facebook or YouTube you can report it to the network. They often take this seriously and will find a way to stop them. Protect your passwords and don’t give them out to anyone. Share your password only with your parents. Don’t post any photos and videos that you don’t want the world to see. Photos can be a source of bullying when they hurt or degrade someone so think before you post something.

Spread the word on cyberbullying and bullying pics with your loved ones and teach others about the dangers of cyber bullying and how bullying pics spread and hurt others

Teaching others about pics of bullying and the dangers of spreading and encouraging taking pics of bullying is also essential. We suggest you start explaining to your friends about the sad effects of taking pics of bullying. 

We also suggest you help others understand the danger of cyber bullying by designing and printing what we call “no bullying pictures” and show them to your friends. Need help with these no bullying pictures? contact us and we will help you design your bullying pictures now!!