When your children come home from school, one of the first stops they may make is the computer. The computer is a great way for your kids to stay connected but also get their homework completed quickly. The problem is this is also giving your kids an avenue of being bullied. This is when you should know of some of the cyberbullying signs. When you know these signs you can look for them and know when you need to step in to help protect your children from any of the problems they may have online.

Cyberbullying Signs: Withdrawnness

Often kids will go through a phase of being withdrawn and not wanting to talk to anyone. However, you need to know that withdrawnness should not last a long period of time and they should still feel comfortable talking to you. So you should know more information about why they are becoming withdrawn and if this last for a long period of time why is lasting so long. Without this, you will end up having quite a bit more problems than you think because this means the bully has gotten to your children and they do not want to tell anyone about it so they will avoid everyone.

Cyberbullying Signs: Lack of Interaction On Computer

Sometimes people will not think about this, but if your kids go from being online all the time to never signing on or only being on for a few minutes, this could be a sign of cyberbullying. The reason your kids will be reducing their time on the computer is they do not want to be bullied here or see what the bully is posting. So they believe just avoiding the issue altogether will help keep them safe. To combat this you need to ask them why they have decided to stop playing on the computer on a regular basis or if something else is wrong on why they are not using the computer anymore.

Cyberbullying Signs: Complaining About What Is Going On Online

Sometimes your kids may not do anything unusual other than start to complain about what is happening. When your kids start to complain about what is going on online, you should check to see what is going on. Then you will know if your kids are safe or not. However, you may also hear them complaining about the different games which they are playing. So you need to make sure you are able to decipher if your kids are complaining about the games or if they are truly being bullied by the bullies online.

Cyberbullying Signs: Lack Of Going To Their Favorite Sites

Often kids will have some favourite sites they are going to. However, you may find sometimes when your kids are starting to get bullied they will not go to these sites. The problem is if you do not monitor what sites they are going to or even find out where they are going you may not notice the changes. So you should monitor your kid’s online activities and then you can determine if they have stopped going to some of their favourite sites. Then you can ask them why they have stopped going to these sites, this is really true if they have stopped going after they just bragged about how good the site is.

Protecting your kids properly from bullies can be harder than you think. With the Internet, bullies are able to get to your kids in many different ways. However, if you know about some of the cyberbullying signs you can start to protect your kids and know they will not be bullied while on the computer. Without any information on the cyberbullying signs, you may end up having your kids be bullied right under your nose and not even realize it is happening.

By knowing the signs, though, you can address them and know your kids will be protected from any bully attacks while they are under your roof.