Facebook is password protected for a reason. What you do on Facebook, and what you say is private. When you hack into another person’s Facebook account, it is an infringement on personal privacy. There are a few reasons why a person would want to hack into another person’s Facebook, and none of them is exactly ethical. Oftentimes, the reason that a person would want to hack into another person’s Facebook is when infidelity is suspected. If a man or woman believes that their significant other is cheating, they may want to go to Facebook for the answers. Explore why some people, not you, attempt to learn How To Hack Into Someone’s Facebook!

Who Wants to Know How to Hack A Facebook Account?

The possibilities are endless! From jilted wives and husbands to stalkers, hackers and cyber bullies. A lot of people attempt to learn how to hack into someone’s Facebook account for monetary gain or for learning private information otherwise inaccessible to them. Some will attempt to search the computer while others will keep a close eye while someone enters his/her Facebook password. Some might use keystroke loggers, trick others into providing the Facebook password or play the celebgate game which is keeping on guessing the password as many times as possible till they hit the jackpot, which is your password. It is important to remember that most people mix a word with a number. The number could be their age, their date of birth, or their lucky number or anniversary. This method can be very time consuming, however, if you a hacker is blessed with patience, they can eventually crack the code.

Using Trust

This may sound very far fetched, however, asking significant others for their passwords could work. If they have nothing to hide, they may give up the password willingly. They will likely want to know why someone wants the password, and this can cause problems when they realize that their loved ones do not trust them. Also, if they actually are doing something, chances are they will not give their loved ones their password until they have deleted any incriminating evidence.

Protecting Your Own Password

Someone may be thinking, “how can I hack someone’s Facebook”. The person whose Facebook they want to hack could be yours. This is why it is important to protect your own password.

Pick a Unique Password

When you are choosing a password, avoid using names, birthdays, addresses or hobbies. These are very easy to guess. If you could guess someone else’s password, chances are they can guess yours. You should use a random word that nobody would ever guess, and a number that means nothing. You should also use numbers and letters that are not near each other. Using passwords such as qwerty123 or asdfghj54321 can be figured out very easily. The more random the password, the safer it will be.

Use Different Passwords

It is a good idea to use a different password for your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, online banking, and email. If you use the same password for all of your accounts, and someone figures it out, they will have access to every private application that you have. If you are worried that someone is wondering how to hack someone’s Facebook password, protect yours.

Change Your Password Often

While it may be inconvenient, it is a good idea to change all of your passwords often. If someone has gained access to your information, and you change your password, they will lose access immediately. This may be difficult, as you will need to remember new passwords often, but it is worth it.

If you believe that someone has your login information, you should immediately change your passwords for all applications. If someone hacked into your Facebook, you can’t be sure if they were able to hack into all of your other applications as well.

Always Log Out of Facebook, No Matter What

It is extremely important that you always log out of Facebook when you are done. If you are using your own computer, you never know if someone will ask you to use your computer. When they turn the computer on, they will automatically be able to see everything on your Facebook. It is even more important to log off of Facebook if you are using someone else’s computer, a public computer, or your work computer. The only way to protect your privacy is to always log off.

Protect Your Facebook on Your Mobile Device

Since you are typically the only person who uses your mobile phone, it is not necessary to log off of Facebook. Logging in and out each time you want to change your status or view your newsfeed can be time-consuming and rather annoying. The best way to protect your Facebook on your mobile phone is to set a security code on your phone. This code will not allow anyone accesses to any of the apps on your phone without the actual code. Most phones allow you to set either a numeric code or a pattern code. If someone tries to get into your phone with the wrong code too many times, they will be locked out. If you are using a number code, do not use anything obvious, like a birthday or a telephone number. Make it a random combination of numbers. The newer phones on the market offer extra security. The phone will only unlock when it recognizes your fingerprint. Because no person on Earth has the same fingerprint as you, your phone and Facebook account will be completely safe.

Install a Firewall on Your Computer

If someone tries to place a keystroke logger on your computer, you may not even know it. The best way to protect your Facebook password and any other information from a keystroke logger is to install a firewall. If someone has installed a keystroke logger, your computer will detect that information about your computer from a third party is trying to be accessed. The firewall will ask for your permission. When you deny permission, the keystroke logger cannot retrieve, store, or send any information.

It is important to remember that trying to hack into someone’s Facebook or any other application on their computer is wrong and dishonest. You should only use these methods as a last resort. The best way to find out what a significant other is doing is to simply ask. Communication is healthier for the relationship than spying. Before you try to figure out how to hack into someone’s Facebook account, talk.

If you feel that you need to hack into someone’s Facebook, do so carefully. The last thing that you want is to get caught being sneaky. That will only lead to further problems.

Now that you have learned how people attempt to learn How To Hack Into Someone’s Facebook, it is time for us to have a quiet conversation on the reason why someone would want to learn How To Hack Into Someone’s Facebook. Why? Because there is information out there that you want to learn but aren’t permitted to know? Do you have trust issues with your significant other and want to know if they are cheating? or maybe you are trying to get information on someone so you could use it to make fun of them with your friends at school?

Honestly, we tried explaining facebook hacking methods to you for two reasons, the first is to show you how tough it is to hack someone’s Facebook account and the second reason is to remind you that it is illegal, immoral and unethical to hack someone’s Facebook. Now that you know what people do To Hack Into Someone’s Facebook, is it really worth it to commit a crime to learn information about someone? is it worth breaking someone’s privacy for some trivial information? we think not, so think twice before attempting to discover How To Hack Into Someone’s Facebook. 

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