Why Should You Learn How To Retrieve Deleted Text Messages

Just like anything that is posted on the internet or transmitted via an electronic device, nothing ever really goes away or is completely deleted. A trail of cookies and residual data will live on forever and follow the transmission as it makes its way outwards toward the deepest sections of the universe. Text messages are no different. They have very quickly become the primary means of communication for almost everyone with a cell phone or other type of electronic device.

Texts are sent by millions all over the globe. The only things a person needs are a phone number, a signal and, of course, a cell phone or tablet. SMS texts (SMS stands for short message service and normally contain only text) or MMS ( these messages contain multiple types of media, including video and photographs) can be sent very quickly and draw less signal than that of an actual phone call. Texts are an excellent way to communicate when you are not able to openly speak to another person.

How Can I Retrieve Deleted Text Messages

How do you retrieve deleted text messages? For iPhone and Android users, the process isn’t that difficult. Most iPhones and Android phones have system backup programs installed in them. They are direct from the factory and will continue to back up the phone and its contents (including messages) as long as the phone is on. These messages can be accessed, even if they have been deleted by connecting the phone to a PC or Mac computer and running a simple scan of all of the saved information.

Because iPhones and Androids are so much different when it comes to programming and functionality, knowing how to retrieve deleted text messages on an iPhone is much different than retrieving one from an Android device. If you are asking yourself, “How Do I Retrieve Deleted Text Messages?”, the first thing you should know is what type of device you have to start with.

If you are looking for a particular text message, it is important to know when it was sent or received and who you were communicating with at the time. If you realize a message was deleted by accident, it is important to try and retrieve it as soon as possible. The reason for this is that most phones have limited backup storage, especially if there are other types of information and data on the phone. Messages are automatically deleted from the phone’s memory as other information is stored. Depending on how much a person texts, old messages can be kept for as little as two days or as long as two or three weeks.

When learning how to retrieve deleted texts, you will have to know how your phone stores information. Most of the time text messages are stored in an inbox or outbox. If you have deleted them, either intentionally or accidentally, they may be in a totally different file. The majority of phones do not have a “recycle bin”. What they do have, much like their computer counterparts, is a hard drive where everything is stored for a very short period of time. Accessing the hard drive and going through the hidden files may provide you with the chance you need to find the deleted texts before they are gone for good.

Back Up Storage

If a person uses their texts for business purposes, the information contained within them could be extremely important. Saving the texts is necessary so they can be retrieved for later use. In this type of situation, syncing the cell phone to a third party or cloud storage program will help prevent them from being lost or accidentally deleted. If the phone is synced correctly, the message will automatically be saved to back up storage in the cloud or other account.

If an important text message is accidentally deleted, all the person has to do to retrieve it is to go to the cloud or another account and log in. If the cell phone is not synced to an offsite account, then connecting the cell phone to a computer will allow you to store the messages until you can decide whether or not they need to be kept on a permanent basis.

For someone who sends thousands of texts a year, purchasing storage space in a cloud storage format can become quite expensive. It is particularly important to gauge how much space you will need each year and then purchase accordingly. The information can be manually backed up on an external hard drive that is attached to your personal computer as often as you need at little to no cost.

If you are constantly sending text messages that must not be deleted, it is important to be proactive and do what is necessary to prevent them from being deleted. There are several phones that allow you to lock each message, preventing it from being altered, changed or deleted without your express permission. Retrieving a lost text message is not impossible. It can be rather time-consuming and difficult, however, depending on how old it is and where it ended up within the phone’s system. It is important to learn how to retrieve deleted texts in case you ever have to get them back in a hurry.