Installing a website blocker can make you more productive. It also gives you the ability to block websites on your children’s computers, keeping them more focused on studying than on what their friends are doing on Facebook and Twitter.

Using a website blocker through your current browser is the easiest, quickest method of blocking content. Finding the method that is right for you may take experimentation. Here is how you can install a web blocker today.

How to Block a Website

Website Blocker

The Google web store offers several free website blockers that can be added to your computer and activated right away. It gives you the ability to block websites as well as having the option of carving out specific times that the blockers are in place. This will enable you to focus on your work, and when added to your children’s computers, you will have control over when they can use their computer for play, and when they can use it for studying. Designed as a production tool, not a tool for censorship, a website blocker can be a powerful tool, when used diligently. These extensions are added to Google Chrome web browsers. They are easy to install and will have you blocking websites in just a few minutes.

  • Chrome Website Blocker – This is a Beta version of an extension that can be added to your browser, from Google. It gives you the ability to block websites completely or for allotted times, giving you full control of usage and productivity. Features of the website blocker include the ability to block the URL including the specified character string, a block between a specified time, the ability to change the warning message and the ability to switch off each function. It can also be set to block websites in Incognito mode.
  • Block Site – Takes the website blocker function further, adding a work block function. In order to cancel the website blocker, you must have a password to allow you to make changes. It is a more full-featured website blocker than a Chrome Website blocker. The word block function gives you the option to filter adult words from the URL’s giving you another layer of protection for your children’s computers and searches. The interface of Block Site is easy to use and is password-protected so that only you can make changes to the website blocker and allow access to sites that you have blocked.
  • Stay Focused – This allows you to block websites, and gives you the option to block all websites for an hour, a day or an extended period. You also have the option of allowing yourself an allotted number of hours on a certain site. Once you have used your time, you will be locked out until your time renews. Highly configurable, Stay Focused allows you to block or allow entire sites, specific pages and in page content, which gives you a great deal of flexibility when configuring your children’s computers and great productivity control for you.

These are all free extension that allows you to install a website blocker today. They can be downloaded from the Chrome Web store. However, many other blockers may work better for you and your family. The above mentioned are good for blocking but some of the website blocker software that is available takes website blocking control to a completely different level giving you the ability to block applications, downloads of particular file types, and website blocking, as well. Browse Control, Cyber Patrol and Net Nanny are website blocker software that you can to your computers. This takes website blocking to a new level.

These applications add filters, parental controls, social media monitors and email alerts that notify you if your child is visiting inappropriate sites. More than just a website blocker, protection from these website blockers is designed with your child in mind, while the Chrome extension blockers are used as more of a productivity tool allowing you to control your (and your children’s) web browsing habits, for study and work.

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Install a Website Blocker Today

Now that you know where to find a free website blocker, you can start blocking sites today and increase your productivity. By blocking sites that interfere with your child’s studying, you may see a better result in their grades at school. Wouldn’t that be an added benefit of this tool? Staying productive can be difficult for all of us, but actively working toward more productive computer usage can free up time for other pursuits. Think of how you would feel when your work is behind you instead of waiting to get started.

Whether you use website blockers as a temporary block to a site or to block a website completely is up to you for your personal needs. Individuals use website blockers as production tools and to safeguard their children. Now you can do the same. Right now! Today!