Internet gaming is growing in popularity as multi-media devices are made more available and easier to use. There are millions of games on the Internet, some Internet games are designed to be played alone, while others are designed to be played with friends, providing gamers with the ability to assist friends and family during gameplay, online gaming also gives gamers the chance to compete with people all over the world for prizes and bragging rights.

Many of the top Internet games are free to play and can be downloaded for Windows, Apple, or Android. However, some Internet games cost money to play and range in costs from pocket change to hundreds of dollars once you get really involved. Free Internet games can be found all over the Internet from gaming sites; like to social networking sites; like Facebook, and include games for people of all ages.

Internet games for kids of all ages can also be found on websites from their favourite television stations, and include characters from their favourite shows. PBS, Nickelodeon, and the Disney Channels all have free Internet games for kids that are both fun and educational.

Most Internet games for adults can be played by children, although some adult games are too violent or sexually explicit for younger children. It is important for parents to monitor the online activities of their children and make the best judgment calls when it comes to what games are and are not appropriate for their children.

With the vast amount, and eclectic variety of Internet games available today, there is an Internet game for every type of gamer there is. Listed below are just a few different types of Internet games available online today, and a brief description of the games in that category.

The Best Games on the Internet:

•Massively Multiplayer Online Games

MMOG or MMORPG for short are games that allow a large number of players to play simultaneously, interacting with people all over the world, toward one common goal. Most MMOGs can be played on computers, video game consoles, and smartphones. The most popular game in this category is World of Warcraft. MMOGs can contain content that is generally designed for more mature gamers.

•Puzzle Games

Puzzle games are usually played in solitary, however, there are some puzzle games that allow you to compete against people all over the world. Games in this category include Jig-Saw puzzles, Hidden Object Games, Match 3 Games, Solitaire Card games, and Mahjongg. These games can be played on all devices capable of supporting an Internet connection, and by people of all ages.

•Strategy Games

Online strategy games allow gamers of all ages to interact online with other gamers, complete goals and learn time management skills. Popular Strategy Games can be found all over the Internet, and include such games as Plants vs Zombies, and Diner Dash. These games are also available for all devices on which you can access the Internet. Strategy games generally require a certain amount of intellect and common sense, in order for play to be enjoyable.

•Traditional Board Games

Games like Monopoly, Chess, Checkers, and many classic favourites fall under this category. Technology has made it possible for us to enjoy traditional board games no matter where we are. These timeless games can be enjoyed by gamers of all ages and are available on all Internet supporting devices. These games can be played with friends all over the world just as easily as you can play against the computer for practice.

•Arcade games

Arcade games are often fast-paced and challenging, they can be played in solitary or with other gamers online. There are hundreds of arcade games that are available to play for free on the Internet. Many classic Atari games are also available to play on the Internet, like Pac-Man for example. Arcade games are designed for gamers of all ages and can be played on Computers, Smart Phones, etc.

•Sports Games

Sports games are commonly available for video game consoles, but there are a few that are designed to be played online. Sports games can be played alone or with friends and family. Several online sports games don’t actually involve live-action play, but rather involve more managerial tasks like creating teams and then sitting back while the computer generates game play based on the players you chose for your team and their statistics. Several of the sports games available for the Wii console can be played on the Internet through your Wii, allowing you to challenge friends and neighbours to play different sporting events.

•Sim Games

Sim Games or Simulated Games, are games in which you create a simulated character and then use your Sim to play the game, whatever that may entail. These games don’t usually require a lot of skill or intelligence to play but can be quite fun for those who are artistically inclined, whereas the Sim game often gives the player a wide creative range in creating their characters and the world in which they live and play in. Sims is currently available on all Internet supporting devices. There are also free and pay versions of Sim games.

•Educational Games

Educational games are designed to teach various skills to people of all ages. There are several family-friendly websites featuring educational games for children ranging in age from infancy through High School and College. There are games designed to teach Literacy, Arithmetic, Spelling and Grammar, Problem Solving Skills, to name a few types of educational games. There are also specially designed handheld and stationary video game consoles for young children, which are easier for them to use. Other games that could fall in this category would include Trivia games, Mazes, Crossword Puzzles, which are designed to strengthen your brain, and Internet Safety Games that help educate the game on Internet Safety.

•Drinking Games

Internet Drinking Games aren’t as common as the previously listed game categories but are quite popular among college students. There are drinking games that can be played alone or with friends depending on what you prefer. One drinking game that is quickly becoming popular, as well as fatal, is called Neknomination. This game is played when friends all drink at once an alcoholic concoction that can also include other items such as dietary supplements or raw eggs, and then challenge other friends to “outdo” them, or “top” their drink. This continues on and on as long as people keep accepting the challenge. The Telegraph, a British newspaper, claims two deaths have already been attributed to this Internet drinking game.

There are hundreds of games online, available to everyone with access to the Internet. For those who do not have access to the Internet, there are many places where free Internet is available, including local Libraries, Schools, and Hospitals where you can access wireless Internet for free. Coffee Houses and certain restaurants in your area might also offer free Wi-Fi Internet access.

Several Internet games can be played online with no software to download, though most games on the Internet do require you to download the game or a Flash Player or Media Player of some sort to enable you to play the game through your computer or other devices. Some Internet Game Websites require you to create an account for yourself and/or your child/ren before you can access the games they have available.