How To Disable Norton Internet Security?

Software viruses are a major concern in today’s world, as there is a lot of information that is stored on our devices. By definition. viruses are malicious programs that are used for the unauthorized extraction and use of such user information. Also, some viruses are created for the mere purpose of altering programs so that they change their functionality. Either way, there is a need for software that identifies and either neutralizes or completely removes these viruses from the user’s computer. Norton Internet Security is one such antivirus software.

The internet is one of the biggest channels through which viruses are spread, and the function of internet security is to stop them from accessing the device in the first place. Although the system does an excellent job at protecting the device from such vulnerabilities, there are times when it is necessary to disable the antivirus in order to perform certain tasks. This is one of the main reasons for knowing how to disable Norton Internet Security.

How Does Norton Internet Security Work?

In order to know what aspect of the software to disable and whether to do it permanently or temporarily, it is vital to understand how it works. The software system has three main functions; to detect, neutralize, and eliminate any malicious program on the device. There are several ways it can identify malicious programs, one of them being the comparison approach. There is a virus dictionary which has a list of the viruses known to date.

The software system compares the programs running on the device and, when it finds one on that list, either removes it from the device completely or neutralizes it. Another method through which the software system detects malicious programs is by analyzing the programs installed in the computer and recording their normal functions. For this reason, any alteration in the functioning of the program will result in a notification by the antivirus software.

Although internet security software does all the above, it also seeks to protect your identity and device from the internet.

As it is known, the internet makes it possible to share files and information from one computer to another. A large number of these files and information are very sensitive and thus attract people with dishonest intentions. The internet security system ensures that these transactions are carried out safely and successfully by monitoring the transactions.

Apart from the internet, Norton Internet Security also protects against threats that come from bad links, android malware and network intruders. Since the key thing is user data protection, the system does its best to ensure that unauthorized access is restricted. The system thus inspects what is going out and what is coming in. If it happens to see user information that was requested from an outside source, it moves to block the transaction.

Should You Disable It Permanently Or Temporarily?

There are two categories of disabling the security system; temporarily and permanently. There are many reasons why one can choose either. Temporary disabling is only necessary if the system is hampering some action on the device. One instance where the program might be hampering the system is when receiving an email from a new contact. According to the software, what comes in must have been requested. For this reason, a new email can very easily be marked as spam. Disabling the system will ensure that the email is received without any problem.

Another instance is during the installation of a new program and updating old ones. Today, programs request user information during an installation so that it can be sent to their servers online. The internet antivirus blocks this transaction so that it can stop the sharing of such information. The installation process would thus be stuck. However, when one disables the software from working temporarily, it is possible to allow for the sharing of information and consequently the installation.

With the newer operating systems and current versions of Norton Security, there are minimal instances where you’ll need to disable it to perform a task. You may, however, need to disable it temporarily to set up a new file sharing or streaming program; or to disable the firewall in a different program. For a PC, there may be times when a large Windows update might require the Norton firewall to be disabled. Just make sure that, if possible, your computer is offline when you disable Norton and that the process requesting it is legitimate.

There are also many reasons why one might want to disable the software permanently from their device. One of these reasons is that the software does not have the best repairing ability. Although tests have proven that the security system is excellent at detecting viruses and threats, it is not good at repairing them.

The next option is removing the threats or viruses from the device, and a lot of work could potentially be lost in this scenario. Also, the security system utilizes a lot of resources from the device and consequently slows down the functioning of the system. Lastly, the internet security system is costly. Although it might not be the most expensive on the market, there are cheaper ones that have the same ability that Norton Antivirus sells.

Instructions On How to Disable Norton Internet Security

How To Disable Norton Internet Security From Outside The Program

1. Launch the program on the PC.
To launch the program;
a. Click on the start menu
b. Go to “All Programs.”
c. Look for the program


a. Click on the start menu
b. Type the name of the program in the “search programs and files” text box.
c. Click on the search icon and launch the application after it comes up.
2. After it has started running, its icon will be present in the taskbar tray. Right click the icon.
3. Select ‘Disable’ or ‘disable anti-virus auto protect’ from the options that come up.
4. In the confirmation box that comes up select ‘yes.’ The system will then be disabled. The text will then be changed to ‘enable’ clicking on it will enable the software system to work.

How To Disable Norton Internet Security From Within The Program

1. If the program is already running, select it from the taskbar tray.
2. Right click the program icon and click on “Run Norton Security Center.”
3. Select Norton Internet Security from the window that comes up
4. Click on “settings.” This will show the current settings of the program.
5. Click on “Personal firewall” and then “deactivate.” This function will deactivate the firewall and thus allow clear, uninterrupted access to information either to or from the device.

A different version of Norton Internet Security might have slightly different steps, but they more or less follow the same logic. Also keep in mind that, depending on what you’re trying to do, you may only need to disable a certain component of Norton, such as email scanning or the firewall.

To disable the firewall, as previously shown, could also follow these steps on a different version:

  1. Right click the icon in the taskbar and select ‘Open Norton Protection Center’
  2. Select the Norton Internet Security Tab & click ‘settings’
  3. Under ‘Additional Options’ at the bottom, select ‘Norton Internet Security Options’
  4. Go to Personal Settings>General Settings, and select ‘Off’.
  5. You’ll be prompted to select how long you want to disable the firewall. If you want it disabled permanently, select ‘permanently’.

How To Disable Norton 360

  • Norton 360 has a similar step for temporarily disabling: right click the taskbar icon and you will see ‘disable antivirus auto-protect
  • After you select that, you’ll see a list of options for how long you want to disable it for, or ‘permanently.


  • Go To Start and type ‘services.MSC in the search menu. This will open up the Services application.
  • The list of services should be alphabetical, and all Norton services will be listed individually
  • Search via the Status column for the service you want to stop
  • Right click on the service and select ‘Stop’

In Windows 7, you have to be logged in as an Administrator to perform this task. If you are having trouble accessing or performing this method, log out and make sure you log back in as an Administrator. This is a necessary step to ensure that your computer isn’t tampered with by multiple people.

So again, there are various versions of Norton Internet Security but the above instructions provide the basic steps for disabling any version of the software. You might just have to use a little common sense if your version’s steps are slightly different. You should also, however, reactivate the application or install another one to protect the computer.