Here is an example of how Celebs deal with haters. Louis Tomlinson of One Direction has decided that he is not going to take the hate on Twitter anymore after one fan posted a tweet about how he thought Louis’ laugh was annoying, which he then deleted it after the “directioners” (aka, One Direction fans) saw it.

Louis then tweeted joking that this particular guy was brave enough to say what was on is mind but must have been embarrassed and that’s why he deleted it. Louis had decided that the best thing to do when being bullied online is to stand up for yourself, because if you ignore them they wont stop, and it will eventually get to you.

Other Cyberbullying Stories

This is not the first time a celebrity reacts to to hate and cyber bullying online. Monica Lewinsky did it, Adele did it, Zelda Williams did it. Each celebrity used different methods to coping with being cyber bullied and each person is entitled to how to they act or feel when they are bullied.

If you or a loved one is facing cyber bullying or school bullying, report it. Stand up to it. Deal with it, remember, if you don’t stand up to it, you are letting them win.

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