Online sexual predators are a serious problem. Any game played online is open to people from around the world. Some companies have placed stipulations in place but many leave the games to their own devices. People take their chances. The gaming sites have age requirements and do ask for parents’ verification but there are always ways to slip through the cracks and sexual predators do.

Some games are more open to sexual predators than others. But all are dangerous. Kids particularly are asked indirect questions about age and residence. They are schooled by parents but the questions are usually coated with innocent attitudes like offering a child candy. These predators are dangerous and sometimes drag young people into a world they do not understand; at all.

Kids get caught up in the net of online sexual predators and are sadly afraid to tell parents about these people. The sites do have a way for these young people to block players but once the child is too far into the clutches of these people they may be convinced there is nothing they can do. A lot of the activity of online predators is too much for adults and a child online alone is in deep trouble. Online predators usually disappear if they sense the child is being supervised. This happens with a comment during a game or the way the child immediately avoids responding to a question. Thus people are experienced in their craft and practise it daily in the games.

Online Sexual Predators are everywhere. There are thousands of games online and most are stalked by sexual predators. For some people, this is a lifestyle. Young girls are often stalked by older men they believe to be interested in them and use technology to display themselves and they send these photos viral. Some of these people meet through online games. The games have chat rooms and young people can practice many adult attitudes.

There is no real way for this activity to be stopped. Sites offer online support and ways to report abuse. Parents of younger children really need to be within eye and earshot when young people are playing these games. The sexual overtones are so subtle most youngsters will not pick up on the insinuations. Many of the names used are evident in the message the person wants to convey. The only protection children have is the participation of parents in talking to them and being watchful when they are playing online. Computers have parental locks and codes and sometimes parents must have children avoid certain gaming sites.

Adults get caught in the net of sexual predators online. These are very young people who are barely out of their teens and not quite ready for the activity they are embarking upon. Some have not learned everyone offering help is not helpful. The police departments around the country have undercover officers online to catch these people but they need the help of parents. There is just too much out there for them to do alone.

Hiding from the world is not a thing to do but protection from some of the elements of the world is needed even for adults. A predator of any kind is not the company a child should keep and an adult needs to avoid. The Web is no different from the world at large it is Cyber Space filled with the same people that occupy the physical world, but in Cyberspace it is easier to hide.

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