Do you have the Cyberbullying Signs checklist? 

As a parent or as a teacher, you may notice signs of someone facing Cyberbullying but you don’t know if it is a definite case or not.

If a child/teenager comes back to you with even one of the below complaints then they are cyberbullied for sure and you should get them counselling and support and if you can, report it to the school administration and everyone involved.

Review the following Cyber Bullying Signs Checklist listing all the Warning Signs with them:

1- Have they received mean, hateful, threatening text messages, IMs, emails, Facebook messages, and other social media communication?

2-Has someone posted mean or hurtful things about them online? Have others commented and passed on these things?

3- Have someone forwarded their texts, IMs or emails to another person without their permission?

4- Has someone used their pictures in a hateful, derogatory, or mean manner and posted them online for others to see?

5-  Has someone stolen their personal account passwords and started sending messages or posting and sharing things pretending to be your child?

6- Is someone excluding them from an online group, say for school work or activity work, and is spreading mean rumours about the child?

7-  Has someone started an offensive blog or Facebook page or a bad Twitter Hashtag to spread rumours or say bad things about your child?

If the child provides one affirmative answer or more to this checklist, then these incidents need to be dealt with immediately, remember that Cyberbullying is no laughing matter or a trivial thing and it may damage someone’s life for good. Be active and prevent Cyberbullying today with our Cyberbullying Signs Checklist!