Twitter is a great tool for both personal and business use. Many entrepreneurs and marketers today use Twitter to share content, push products, and even promote paid sponsor spots based on the number of followers their accounts have gained over months or years of using Twitter itself.

One of the major benefits of using Twitter is that is possible whether you have access to Twitter using your computer or desktop in addition to using free downloadable apps from the Androids and iOS application shops. Understanding how to thorough use Twitter including Twitter direct messages is a must whether you want to get ahead with new followers or if you have a specific reason to contact a member of Twitter directly, personally, and from yourself.

Why Twitter and Direct Messages Are so Popular

Using Twitter has become a private medium for personal users, brands, and entrepreneurs alike. Whether you want to send a Twitter private message or a photo to millions of users simultaneously, it is possible with the use of Twitter. Direct messages on Twitter are revolutionary and allow Twitter users to quickly send photos and other messages to fans and followers with privacy.

Using Twitter has become a revolutionary platform for brands, celebrities, and even bloggers to make their claim to fame by vlogging, blogging, and documenting each day of their lives to the world.

Why Twitter is So Popular:

  • Free to use and allows both individuals and businesses to have accounts
  • Easy to implement “hashtags”, allowing other users to find content and posts within seconds
  • Allows for link-shortening services: giving users the ability to share more content with the same 160 characters
  • Offers direct messages to communicate with close friends and individuals on Twitter lists with one another
  • A free downloadable application that is available for both iOS and Android smartphones–making it easier than ever to keep up with the latest posts while sharing your own
  • On the fly sharing: Share tweets with other social networks including Facebook, optimal for branding and advertising

Why Use Twitter?

Twitter is a great tool for both personal and business purposes, regardless of whether you are selling a book, looking to network, or if you want to gain exposure for your own personal art, skills, and talent. Using Twitter is a way to connect with those who are like-minded and genuinely interested in what you have to say. When using Twitter, you also have the ability to build connections with potential affiliates, allowing you to quickly put together a working blog roll for your website or blog. The more connections you have on Twitter, the easier it becomes to reach out, and receive “retweets” and direct messages from others.

If you have a Twitter application installed on your Android or iOS phone, you can also use a Twitter text message feature to quickly send messages to other followers and users who are also on a network. Sending messages via text is simple with Twitter and also allows you to connect to those to whom you have sent Direct Messages in the past.

Before You Send Direct Messages

Before you begin sending a direct message with the use of Twitter, it is important to understand any clear goals you have in mind and how you want to go about meeting them. Having a checklist available is a way for you to feel ready and prepared to send direct messages whether you are promoting a personal book or attempting to garnish attention to a new brand you are running:

  • Determine the audience and demographic you want to appeal to (interests, age, gender, and even location or region is essential).
  • Ensure your Twitter page is up to branding standards and matches your official logo, colour scheme, and website brand. Professionalism helps to build a reputation when you are new to Twitter, regardless of the use of your account.
  • Always be sure to verify the account you are sending a direct message to is legit and verified by a marketer or another professional you can trust to avoid wasting your time and sending spam messages.

Understanding Twitter Direct Message Spam

Whenever you want to Twitter send a direct message, be sure to do so as personally as possible, as many users with thousands or millions of followers receive direct messages daily. When your direct message appears as spam to your users, you are less likely to receive a response and it may warrant an “unfollow” from the user, who is not sure if you are being authentic or not. Always be sure to read and review thoroughly all of the messages you receive in your Direct Message inbox to avoid clicking on spam links or links that may even be “phishing links“.

Phishing links appear similar to traditional websites you are familiar with logging into, only they do not use the official URL of the site itself. Upon entering information into a phishing site, your personal information and sensitive details are sent to another user or server.

It is essential to check links and media from all Direct Messages and replies you receive on your Twitter account to ensure you are always using official, safe, and secure connections when browsing Twitter. Twitter often shows warnings to users when leaving a page that is not affiliated with Twitter itself, helping to save time while reassuring you the page you are visiting is safe to access.

How to Send a Message on Twitter

Once you have logged in to your official Twitter account, you can easily view the direct message icon in the upper right-hand corner of your browser when you are accessing Twitter from a desktop computer. Opening the direct message box will allow you to search for users you already follow as well as other popular Twitter handles within the community. Once you have selected the individual you want to send a Twitter message directly to, you can do so within the box below the direct message title.

Additionally, it is also possible to send a direct message to another Twitter user online by visiting their page directly. Once you arrive on an individual’s Twitter page, you can simply click “Direct Message”. When you are Tweeting from your own account and want to send a direct message, simply add “@DM” while sending the content out to your followers and the individuals you want to reach on a more personal and direct level.

Who Benefits From Sending Direct Messages:

  • Marketers
  • Startup companies and entrepreneurs
  • Bloggers
  • Social media marketers
  • Content writers
  • Artists and entertainers
  • Authors
  • Anyone looking to promote content or websites

Benefits of Direct Messages Twitter

Sending a direct message on Twitter is a way to quickly connect with another user, whether you are following them, they are following you, or neither. When you send a direct message on Twitter, the user is likely to receive the message quicker than with the use of a “Favorite” or “Retweet” button, especially if the Twitter user is ranked higher in popularity.

Using a private message on Twitter is also a way to make a more authentic and genuine connection with someone you do not know or who you have may recently met during a conference or business convention. The more genuine and real you are and willing to engage with your followers, the more likely they are to show an interest in your content, services, and even the products or merchandise you have to offer to them.

Sending direct messages to potential authors, publishers, content curators, and marketers is a way to gain exposure not only to your own Twitter account but also to any of the media or links you are sharing simultaneously. Using Direct Messages is a great way to make introductions to new followers in addition to sharing new releases of products, services, and content that is relevant to your audience or demographic.

Consider Twitter Message Length

Never forget that Twitter messages in length are limited to 160 characters in total. Even when you send a direct message on Twitter, avoid overloading your readers and those who may receive the Tweet to keep them from overlooking you and moving on to another message altogether. Keeping your message short, sweet, relevant, and to the point is a key factor in gaining success on Twitter, regardless of the industry or market you represent and are working in.

Tips for Writing the Perfect Direct Message on Twitter:

  • First, consider who will be reading your tweets and the demographic you want to reach
  • Have a clear goal and objective in mind
  • K.I.S.S. works well here (keep it simple, stupid)
  • Avoid sounding too “corporate”. Speak to followers who are friends, not as if you are a robot.

Remember to brand your Twitter account to match official websites and blogs that work with the type of content you plan to share with your readers, followers, and potential leads. The more well-branded any Twitter account is when gaining followers, the more likely it is to be taken seriously by other networking professionals, marketers and potential customers within the same industry or market.