How to block YouTube?

The world of YouTube can be an incredible place. It really is possible to find just about anything on the website. However, some institutions attempt to block the use of YouTube, simply because they feel it might limit the amount of time you can spend learning or performing a task, such as at school or at work.

However, there are times when you really need the services of YouTube, including finding out how to perform a specific science experiment or when you need a bit of help with your math homework. After all, there are many beneficial services available to you through YouTube and other video based websites. Thankfully, there are a few different ways how to block YouTube and how unblock it.

Get on YouTube When Blocked

Now, there are going to be times when you actually need to access YouTube. There is a different practices for accessing the content and for unblocking it. At school, the system will not use this input method, as it simply takes far too long to go to every computer system in the computer and change the information.

Plus, a student with even the slightest bit of knowledge is able to remove the block without much trouble. That is why the school is going to block websites such as YouTube on the server. This way, when your computer sends out a request, the computer’s IP address is sent with this request.

The server inside the school detects the IP address as a match for being part of the school’s network and blocks the request to access YouTube. In order to get past this, you need to trick the server into thinking the computer is not part of the school’s network. This isn’t as difficult as you might believe and you don’t need any special hardware or programs to do it. In fact, everything you need in order to access YouTube for your assistance is right on the computer already. So, as long as the computer has any sort of Internet access at all and has the ability to connect to a search engine, you are good to go.

This process is easier than it sounds. When wondering how to watch blocked YouTube videos, you just need to locate a proxy server. A proxy is a website that basically stands in for your IP address. It blocks your IP address from the school’s server or feeds it a different IP address entirely (depending on the proxy you use). Either way, the school’s server does not recognize it as being part of the school network, so it does not block the request from being sent to YouTube, nor does it prevent the return information from being sent.

How to Block Youtube

Proxy servers are easy to access. Simply head over to any search engine and search “Proxy Server.” This is going to bring up a list of thousands of different servers. When one is selected, it brings up a search bar that looks just like the search engine. From here though, the YouTube website URL just needs to be typed in and the access request is sent.

Of course, the school server can block out a proxy website from being accessed as well, so if you attempt to reach the proxy and it is blocked, it just means the school system has prevented access from this site. Thankfully, you are to simply select a different proxy from the list of thousands of different options. There are new proxy servers coming up almost on a daily basis, so it is not difficult to locate one the school or other entities do not have blocked.

In order to remain under the protection of the proxy though, every single website search must be input into the proxy website’s search bar. Once a website’s URL is entered into the Internet browser’s search bar, the proxy is closed off and it returns to the traditional IP address of the computer system.

Remember this as it is easy to accidentally type in a new YouTube URL into the top bar of the Internet browser, as you after all are used to simply using this bar for all of your website requirements. It is helpful for backing out of the proxy server quickly though. You can simply type in any other website in the top URL bar and the other website, as long as it is not blocked, loads on the computer screen without any sort of a problem.

Depending on the school system, the IT department sometimes looks through the cookie records of the computer in order to see what proxy servers have been accessed. It really depends on the school system and the sort of trouble the department has had with this sort of Internet access. In order to remove the proxy information from the particular computer, it is always a good idea to clear out the cookies and the Internet history of your computer before you log off. This way, you are able to use the same proxy server the next time you want to access YouTube.

Regardless of your situation or if someone is wondering how to block YouTube or access it from a blocked computer if you are wondering how to watch blocked YouTube videos or if you need to prevent your children from accessing YouTube videos, there is always a way to ensure that it is always done properly. This way, if you want to block your children from inappropriate content or if you need to view a helpful video online, there is always a method to do this, which in turn should help you out significantly while using the Internet.

It’s essential though to count into the equation the reasons your school/organisation has blocked YouTube. Is it because your time should be valued and invested in more important tasks? Your employer might think it is inappropriate to waste work hours on an entertainment website.

We can, of course, argue that one can use YouTube to keep up with the news, watch documentaries, or learn a new skill through tutorials. In such cases, it’s smarter and more professional to discuss with your employer to unblock YouTube because of the various benefits you find in it, or at least to offer an equally beneficial alternative. In all cases, be careful. Unblocking YouTube where you’re not supposed to might cause you trouble or affect your productivity negatively. So keep that in mind.

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