With all of the security issues today, all we need is one more worry. But there is one-it has to do with your webcam. Even if you do not use your webcam regularly, there is a way for people to access it when you do not know it. Just like it is possible to hack into your computer, your webcam is equally accessible to anyone with the third party software to do it. Scary thought, isn’t it? Learn about Webcam Hackers Now!

Methods of Webcam Hackers: The Remote Access Scare

Some people worry also if people can even gain access to their webcam while they are away from home, on vacations or business trips, and be able to see inside your house your possessions for a possible break-in. While it is unlikely that the people hacking your webcam would live within close proximity to your house, the very fact that they can see around your house at all while you are away is still a sobering thought. In addition, if you use remote access to your technological gadgets, it is theoretically more likely that they may be able to access your webcam through third-party software as well.

How Do Webcam Hackers Do It?

Have you ever heard of malware? Though there are some other methods (mentioned above), that hackers can use to access your web camera, the most popular way they do it, according to anti-hacking expert, Leo Notonboom is by the use of malware. Malware, by its very nature, is a nasty beast anyway. It is often worse than some viruses.

Viruses can easily be removed and caught by some of the well-known antivirus programs on the market today. But malware rides on your computer hard drive and affects everything you do, including having the power to disable your virus programs. It also sacrifices your security by infiltrating your access to the outside world, personal information, and more.

By installing malware from a back door, these hackers will be able to access your computer remotely and view your webcam. Seems like a complicated process that no one would want to fool with but it is relatively easy if you know what you are doing.

Why Do They Do It?

Bullying. Plain and simple. Just like in the real world of bullies in both the child and adult world, there are real bullies who want to take advantage of others, pry into their personal lives, steal information that does not belong to them, or engage in other unscrupulous practices. For whatever reason, these cyber bullies (and that’s what they are) are using the power that they have derived out of their knowledge to hack into the private worlds of others and seemingly enjoy the control.

Webcam Hackers: It’s A Crime!

Don’t forget that cyberbullying is a crime, and punishable as a felony. Depending upon the circumstances, this type of online voyeurism can involve acts like “theft by deception,” “invasion of privacy,” “cyber terrorism,” and many other forms of illegal behaviour. Because it can range from simple voyeurism (watching people without their knowing it) to malicious attacks of some sort, the punishment will vary depending upon the circumstances of the crime.

But either way, it’s wrong and if you are the victim of such, you should report it to your local authorities or the FBI for investigation. Even one incident that goes by without being reported can open the door to countless other acts against others. If you can stop one such incident from happening to someone else, then you have a moral and ethical obligation to try to stop it.

What Can You Do About Webcam Hackers?

In a recent airing of the popular, “Shark Tank” program where hopeful entrepreneurs pitch their ideas to investors and ask for funding to help their business, a recent guest brought an idea to the show that featured a plastic mechanism that would go in front of the webcam of your computer, to keep outsiders from accessing it.

Though the idea did not go over with investors that night due to its simplicity of innovation, the idea, in general, was a good one. But you can do the same thing by taking a piece of stick-it note or coloured tape and placing it over the eye of the camera. By doing so, when someone tries to hack into your webcam, all they will see is a blank fuzzy screen. This is one thing you can do to protect yourself from these webcam hackers.

Webcam Hackers: Call A Spade A Spade

One of the problems inherent in such webcam hacking is the issue of having people play it down like it is “funny” or fun to do. College kids hacking into an all girls dorm room can be something they may do for kicks, but it carries serious consequences.

There have been incidents in the news in recent months about people who were victims of such crimes who later killed themselves due to the humiliation and disgrace they suffered at the hands of such bullies. We simply cannot afford to play down this sort of criminal behaviour any longer. No matter what the age or status of the people doing this sort of thing, we need to take action.

Your Kids Are In Danger Too with Webcam Hackers

Don’t forget that cyberbullying involving webcam hackers can extend to underaged kids too. For those who laugh when they hear of someone hacking into someone’s computer webcam, stop and ask yourself if they are possibly doing anything else too. You’d better believe it! Some webcam hackers are also wanted on child pornography charges, rape, or a host of other criminal acts. This is not to say that ALL webcam hackers have a criminal record before the webcam hacking, but some do.

Are you really willing to risk the safety of your kids or yourself by ignoring this very invasive and dangerous prank? Protect your children and yourself by installing anti-malware as the first action you take. Come back to this site regularly to see updates on what is going on with issues in cyberbullying. And keep a watchful eye always on what your kids are doing online. Also, make sure and alert your kids to always tell you when they notice anything strange if strangers talk to them or try to get their personal information or other events. This will go a long way toward protecting your kids when you are away and avoiding this sort of invasion from prying eyes.

Prevention Is The Best Cure

The best thing you can do to protect yourself from webcam hackers is to make sure they don’t have access, to begin with. You can do this by taking some simple steps to avoid such cyberbullying. Just like in the real world, taking precautions with your security is the least you can do to protect yourself and your family from such malicious violations and attacks.

Remember The Definitions

Remember that webcam hacking is bullying and it Is a crime. Keep a close watch on all of the happenings of every computer in your house and make sure and report even one incident of cyberbullying or invasion of privacy to authorities. The internet has been unregulated for a long time, since the same laws often do not apply which apply in the real world, but don’t forget that “the law is the law,” and if there has been a crime, it will be punished. But it is up to you to take the actions necessary to start the ball rolling.

Fight For Changes

After you have protected your computers from such hacking by the use of anti-malware software and other security measures, write to your senators and congressman and tell them you would like cyberbullying regulations to be stricter. It is only when we take action as a community and a world that cyberbullying will be stopped. By taking direct action to let legislators know that we will not put up with such crimes, they will be more likely to step up to the plate to enforce stricter regulations which will prohibit future cyber attacks on an innocent public.

One Final Thought on Webcam Hackers

Remember that the safety of kids, as well as adults, is at stake. Protect your computer webcams and network the same way you would protect things such as your bank account, your front door, and your car. Keep a watchful eye on them all. It might be a good idea to install a security device/camera with reporting software too so that it will automatically record when it is accessed.

This would allow you to note the time of the hacking and other factors which just might aid the police in hunting them down once and for all. Take little steps to protect yourself now and feel more secure tomorrow. So that, at the end of the day, when a cyber criminal comes along and decides to try to invade you by hacking your webcam, you can turn a similar eye on him and say with confidence, “There’s an all-seeing eye watching YOU.”

Spread the word on webcam hackers and the dangers of webcam hacking today! Help eliminate the danger of webcam hackers today!