Bullies without any questions have been around and some start the vice at when they are still children. Currently, bullies are changing and expanding their bases to actually keep up with the ever-changing requirements. Bullies are taking their game to the cyber world. This form of bullying is one of the most aggressive acts that can be done to your child. Cyberbullying is actually the main product of the wired world, and totally different from those other forms of traditional bullying. Learn more about What is cyberbullying?

The harm that bullies can inflict on the victim is massive. Bullying through the internet is unlimited, and this makes it more appealing to bullies. Practically, girls are more prone to bullying than boys. The number of girls targeted by bullies is twice the number of boys. The worst thing about bullying is that your child can go for years without reporting this issue to you the parent or any other person who is in authority. This can really have some serious consequences in the long run.

Just like traditional bullying, cyberbullying can have some very serious and devastating effects on the victim. Several studies have actually shown that children who are being cyberbullied often receive very poor grades in school and experience very low self-esteem. Additionally, they may turn to drugs because they are depressed and worst of all, they may end up committing suicide. There has been a very sharp increase in the number of teens committing suicide, and this has been largely attributed to this form of bullying.

How Can I Know My Child Is Being Bullied?

As a parent, there are quite a number of signs that you can see; these signs will actually tell you if your child is being bullied. It is very important for a parent to become aware of those early signs. This is very crucial before you decide to stage any kind of intervention against the cyberbully. Normally when a child is cyberbullied it may not look quite obvious at first. As a parent, it will be very crucial you actually have a sixth sense of your child’s disposition. You can use your intuitive skills and you find those signs that your child is trying to show you.

Just like offline bullying, you can effectively handle cyberbullying. If you are very close to your kid, your intuition will actually tell you something is very wrong with your kid. For instance, you may find your child spending quite an amount of time on the computer or even the phone.

Another early sign that can help is if your child starts to withdraw from every single task. Another sign showing your child could be an anxious target. Normally, when a child is cyberbullied, he or she may start to show some signs of withdrawal from his or her close friends. Normally, bullies may give an impression that they are the ones in charge by making fun of the kid using some of the most hurtful ways. The child will become very uncomfortable or even embarrassed. He or she may have difficulties dealing with his or her friends.

What is Cyber Bullying and What Parents And Teens Can Do To Stop Cyberbullying?

  • Educate your young ones about this vice. Do explain that this behaviour is wrong and can actually impact greatly. Tell your children that there is no need to send rude and unpleasant massage to the other person even if the other person is the one that started it.
  • As a parent, it will be very helpful if you encourage your kid to report any cyberbullying immediately after it happens.
  • Always, encourage your child and tell them that being cyberbullied is not their fault. If the problem really persists then you have to be very concerned and seek an alternative solution.
  • Also, you can take the necessary steps and block the bullies from sending messages to your child.
  • You might want to encourage your kid to change his or her phone number, as well as, email address. Next time he or she should be very cautious when giving out his or her new number.

As technology continues to grow each and every day, it is very imperative you correctly guide your young ones. If they are not able to manage their cell phones and computers, you might want to take your time off and give them a little bit of technical support. By teaching them how to effectively manage their technology, there are very high chances that you will beat the cyber bully hands down. Additionally, teach them about network privacy. Encourage them not to add people that cannot be trusted to their friend’s list; it is very beneficial.

Overall, if your teen is seriously cyberbullied, you may really have to take him or her to a counsellor or even a therapist. This will actually help the victim to overcome depression or any other harmful effects of bullying.