It is common for those who are being cyberbullied to feel helpless and like there is nowhere to turn. However, there you can take some steps toward protecting yourself you can learn where to get help for cyberbullying. The very first step in the process, though, is to speak with an adult that you trust about what is going on as soon as you notice a problem is occurring. Learn Where to Get Help for Cyberbullying!

The Best Ways to Handle Cyberbullying and Where to Get Help for Cyberbullying?

Cease All Communication. According to the National Crime Prevention Council, all victims of cyberbullying should immediately cease communication with the bully. Under some circumstances, it is possible to block their phone number so no additional texts or phone calls may be received. If this is not an option, the victim could change their phone number. Social media networks and instant messenger providers let users block other users so no further interactions are possible. If there is no way to block the cyberbully, screening their calls or deleting their messages without opening them are additional options.

Get High-Tech. For those who have been bullied on a specific website, more often than not, the bully has violated that site’s terms of use. You may be able to get the bully kicked off the website if you report their behaviour to the administrator. According to the National Crime Prevention Council, on sites like YouTube and Facebook where there are high instances of cyberbullying cases occurring; there are ways to report these instances to their “safety centres.” When parents find out about cyberbullying, they can also help out by getting in contact with their cell phone service provider, internet service provider, or content provider. Under some circumstances, these providers are able to look at the incident and discover the anonymous bully and remove the offensive posts.

Ignore. This is probably the oldest piece of advice when it comes to bullying, but it’s true. If the victim can ignore the minor name calling and teasing, it is best to do so. Many times, the bully is trying to get a reaction and they are encouraged to keep bullying when they get one.

Reach Out for Help. If you don’t know where to get help for cyberbullying, your parents are a great start. If that is not an option, turn to your school administrators, your favourite teacher, counsellors, and the police to help you deal with your cyberbullying situation. Every state law and school policy differs when it comes to cyberbullying, so it would benefit you to enlist this help. It is also helpful to speak to a counsellor or friends in order to get extra support when hurtful comments come around and you are feeling upset. You should not have to suffer alone when you are dealing with a cyberbullying situation.

Record Everything. It is a good idea to keep hard copies of all the bullying messages you receive. If you are receiving text messages, take photographs of them on your phone and have them developed. That way, when it comes time to show this material to an adult in diary form, you will have evidence that is verifiable and it will be easier to determine who is bullying you.

How Not to Handle Cyberbullying and Where to Get Help for CyberBullying?

Believe the Bully. Do not ever let the bully bring you down or destroy your self-esteem. No one deserves that kind of harassment. A cyberbully’s actions are typically more about what they are going through and their own problems, and rarely about anything that has to do with you. When a bully tries to tear you down, speak to an adult or someone else you trust about this so they can help to bring you to back up again.

Forward Their Material. The last thing you should ever do Is forward bullying messages or content if someone sends you that type of material. This should not be sent to another friend or a family member because it just further exasperates the problem.

Sink to Their Level. Do not sink to their level by starting your own cyberbullying campaign against them. This will not get you anywhere aside from possibly breaking laws, and violating school policies. When you feel like this, you definitely need to follow the advice given here about where to get help for cyberbullying.

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