Ever heard about Cyberbullying in the Workplace? it is a true problem. Many people all over the world are suffering from Cyberbullying in the Workplace.

With the increase in communication methods that are used daily in the business world, a staff member could face the problem of getting cyberbullied by their colleagues.

What is Cyberbullying in the Workplace?

Cyberbullying in the Workplace

Cyberbullying in the Workplace usually looks like offensive emails or text messages containing jokes or inappropriate wording toward a certain race or sexual preference which have a direct effect on the target of the bullying act, threatening email being sent to the target anonymously or not, a feedback that is copied and pasted for the whole office to see while its initial intention was meant to be secret, changing someone’s screensaver or desktop to offend or manipulate them, sharing embarrassing situations relating to the target with everyone online, being offensive and mean to the target on various social media websites and networks, spreading rumours or gossip online which could have a serious effect of a fellow co-workers career or overall wellness and the list goes on.

Danger of Cyberbullying in the Workplace

The danger of Cyberbullying in the Workplace is that it follows you home after working hours. The target is put under constant harassment even when the working hours are over. With the increase in the number of take-home laptops and blackberries, the workplace bully target is under threat most of the time. The only way to avoid such harassment is to have it reported to try and put an end to it.

Most of the time, Cyberbullying in the Workplace is treated with a shoulder shrug. Employers do not see how this social problem can affect the well-being of their employees, thus, their ability to produce and give the output they should be giving. The direct effect being cyberbullied has on the target can cause the workplace to be unproductive and very stressful.

Cyberbullying in the Workplace needs to be addressed by promoting a work environment that refuses to nurture a bully.

The workplace needs to issue a firm policy against bullying generally and cyberbullying specifically. The bully needs to be encouraged to seek professional help as well. From the target’s side, it is better not to share personal information with co-workers; many people have resorted to not having co-workers interact with them on social media websites.

Since Cyberbullying in the Workplace is relatively new on the list f issue one faces in a workplace, employers have not yet figured out a way of drafting it in their official policy. When it is mentioned, it is usually under the clause of bullying altogether, which is a good step towards tackling the issue but should not be the final one. Of course, you cannot fully control what people say online about you but you can grant people you do not trust limited access to your information.

The workplace environment plays a crucial part in determining what is acceptable and what is unacceptable to say or do to another staff member. An office that promotes a positive atmosphere towards acts of harassment or bullying will most likely be open o negative comments and remarks being made about a fellow employee online.