Cyber Safety is not easy but it can be done.

Watch your children. Watch the names of the people they are playing with. For very young children it is not a good idea to let them talk or type answers on the Web. There are people who sit on game sites all day waiting for young people to play games. They offer gaming points and prizes they are too inexperienced to win for their friendship. This makes the young players feel beholding. If parents are near when these games are going on a lot of this can be slowed or stopped. Most parents are not the favourite person to play but show interest in the game and they will be glad to show off their skills. This is an opportunity for you to see the board the names of people contacting them and their interaction with people on the games. This will tell you a lot; young people on the Web are not as familiar with human nature as adults nor is their usage of vocabulary, which signals a lot in a game.

Cyberbullying has few witnesses or none. The people affected by it suffer in silence. Parents know kids are talking and texting their friends but they are usually clueless about the damage being done. Gaming sites have the best solution but for whatever reason, the kids do not use it; unless instructed by parents, the mute button. If they are instructed to stop listening, most will. Bullies need an audience. This is evident in recent world events. There is no fuel if they cannot get the attention they crave. Play the game, do not open notes, and do not listen to conversations. Game companies could monitor their sites better. Parents might utilize the parental block with more ferocity. These elements might slow the bullying down, parents being in place, mentors and teachers; plain old-fashioned adult supervision. There are many young adults that will resist any help but the vast majority want to succeed and will listen to wise counselling.

People seriously interested in Cyber Safety might become more familiar with the PC and how it works. There are sites that can be wandered into a people will literally hijack your computer. Malware can be installed on the computer to even turn on your webcam. Kids may drag their feet about showing parents how to play a game or how to operate a program but deep down they are actually glad to show you what they know. Sit down and try at the game then watch then show off. You will also have the opportunity to notice any online predators. Microphones allow people to talk to people all over the world. Technology is so advanced they can even see one another if they choose. The good thing about playing a game with them is y will hear the conversations. Video sights are not always what they seem. Videos are sometimes altered and the things you will find are shocking even to an adult.

Cyberbullying has been around since the time the Internet fell into full swing. Many people who might never say a word become extremely brave in the world of Cyberspace. Perhaps this explains the popularity of games of extreme violence. Anyone can control or abuse without cost or penalty. Cyberbullying has a long dangerous history. These are not fights on the playground but terrible things have happened to young people trying hard to fit in but were terribly rejected by people who forgot to walk in another man’s shoes. These actions are horrible for the person being bullied but as time goes on will be just as devastating for the person doing the bullying. In some cases, there are no do-overs. Cyberbullying is one of those things.

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