Do you know what your kids are doing on the internet? In today’s society, safety should be a number one priority. It’s no secret that kids have a lot more accessibility to technology and are exposed to things they should not be privy to. That’s the way of the world today. Parents are quickly finding out that their kids have their own ways to get access, even if they are forbidden at home.

That’s a scary thought. Parents have to make sure they know what their kids are doing and seeing on the internet. They have to provide a safety net for their children in the event something goes wrong. Learn more on Kids Internet Safety Now!

Cyberbullying and Kids

Cyberbullying is so prevalent in today’s society that some parents don’t want their children on any technological platform unmonitored. While the thought is nice, it’s just not realistic. Kids can find many ways to plug in, especially at school. The number of kids with smartphones is startling. Kids stay on their phones, all day every day and then go home to the computer or an online gaming system. It’s now become the way of the world.

What can parents do to ensure the internet safety of their children?

It starts with a conversation. When parents take the time to talk to their kids and find out what’s going on, they may realize they haven’t been as out of the loop as they first imagined and can design a plan to stay in that loop. Speaking to your kids about internet safety is important. When kids feel that they can come to their parents in any instance, no matter what, you have a better chance of getting a problem solved.

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A lot of parents look at technology as wrong. They then ban their children from using it. Today’s kids don’t understand a world where technology is not a part, so it could create a lot of problems. First things first – don’t ban them from using technology, just educate them on the ways in which to use technology positively. Show them statistics on cyberbullying. Talk about them. Show them how they can avoid having confrontations with cyberbullies. Open the doors to healthy dialogue – you will be surprised how far you can get.

A lot of kids hear about cyberbullying and have experienced it happening to someone else but don’t really understand how serious it can be. This would be a perfect time to have family time but inform them. Send them to sites like where they can read up on how cyberbullying is affecting kids all over the world. Educating your child is key.

Kids rebel when they feel they have no voice. By being proactive and including them in their own safety measures. As a parent, knowing the boundaries in kids’ internet safety is crucial in making sure you not only protect your kids but protect others. When your kids are informed, they pass along information to their friends. It’s a good way to get the word out without seeming like an overbearing parent.

Taking the time to research sites and organizations that can help give you good advice is important. That’s a great project that you can do with your child to make them feel empowered. You want them to feel as if they are making the decision to know about internet safety and protect themselves. When both of you are on the same page, you will feel more comfortable as a parent knowing your child is equipped with the information and tools to use to ensure they have a positive online experience.

This way, if any inappropriate behaviour or cyberbullying occurs, you’ll be one of the first to know. Spread the word on Kids Internet Safety Now!