Location based social networks are becoming more and more popular. Networks such as Foursquare and Facebook Places are being increasingly used by both adults and youth. If your kids have shown an interest in using these social networking sites you should know how they work and how they can benefit both you and the kids.

Location Based Social Networks: Foursquare

Foursquare involves users checking into a particular location they are at. For example, if they go to a local, store, restaurant, movie theatre or other business, they can check into the location, and, if someone’s Foursquare account is connected to their Facebook and/or Twitter accounts, their location will automatically be posted on those sites. While this may make you apprehensive as a parent, you should know that the only people that will see a Foursquare check in on other social networking sites are the ones that your kids are friends with. The same thing applies to Foursquare itself. As long as you have a social networking account you will be able to see your kid’s posts when they go up. Think of Foursquare as another set of eyes to watch over your kids when they are not with you.

Location Based Social Networks: Facebook Places

Facebook Places works much the same way that Foursquare does, where people check in to their specific location. Again, as long as you are on Facebook you will be able to see any places that your kids check into.

Location Based Social Networks: Friend Mapper

Friend Mapper is an application that allows its users to check in with others while they are en route to a particular place. For example, if your teenage daughter is on her way to your house after a day at work or school, she can check into this app to let you know how far from home she is. If she goes to visit friends out of state, she can let you know when she has arrived at the airport, train or bus station or even her friend’s house. This app will help give you peace of mind at times when you cannot physically be with your kids.

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