Daily advancements in technology are occurring. And to see it transform is what we are here to see. Its evolution is not the only thing to consider; our lives can also be enhanced and altered by it. It has been a popular topic for several years now: artificial intelligence (AI). An entirely new generation of AI-powered products and technology is already being pioneered by startups abroad.

Moreover, we observe some truly enormous changes in this field every year. So, you might wonder: is AI the next big thing? If yes, what’s next for AI? Stay here to learn more about technology and AI. And about what this year has in it for us. 

The Next Wave of AI: New Tools and Technologies for 2024 Next Wave of AI

Generative AI 
One of the tools or technologies that are already part of the next wave of AI is Generative AI. What does generative AI mean? Well, it is a type of artificial intelligence that can independently generate ideas. Of course, you need to provide it with some data or a prompt. For example, a photo, a text, a song, or just a design you already have. Based on this, it can create concepts that match well with your existing ideas. If you are using ChatGPT and you have the premium version, you might have tested all its extensions. It can tell you a recipe based on the ingredients you already have in your fridge. It can help you decorate your office to make it cozier and more familiar if you provide it with a photo of it. But this is not everything generative AI can do. 

If you have your latest safari version, you can use it without problems. However, check your current safari version and find the answer to how do I update safari, so that you can use generative AI tools smoothly. This way, you can generate unique business names, and it can help you automate your content planning for social media, or even optimize your blog. Once you learn how do I update Safari on my Mac, you can benefit from all the perks of generative AI tools and technologies. You may say that this is nothing new to the market. Well, indeed, these tools are not going to be developed during 2024. Instead, they will become widely available to anyone who needs it. Before, they were only available to enterprises, but this is going to change during this year. 

Technology and the tools that rely on it are not the only ones that are changing during these times. The expectations and needs of consumers do this too. As there are more and more brands with the same profile and offering the same services and products, they are looking for a way to choose one over the other. And they are looking for a personalized experience. So, if you have a brand, you should know that more and more customers want an experience just for them. We have seen this trend gaining more and more momentum over the last few years.  You might feel overwhelmed by this, but AI tools can help you create the experience your target audience desires. It can help you segment your customers based on the data you have available. Then, it can create and suggest personalized products based on their online history and viewing one on your website. And it is not only about this. Creating personalized ads or sending personalized newsletters is another detail that will win you customers. So, it will help you take your business to the next level. 

The Next Wave of AI New Tools and Technologies

Until now, not many brands have taken into account that some of the people in their target audience have a disability. 1.3 million people have some kind of disability. To win customers, brands and businesses around the world should make their products and services accessible to them too.

Well, AI can help you with this. For example, you have a website where you advertise your products. You want to make sure your customers engage with it without barriers. AI can help you create subtitles for your videos. It can generate alternative texts for images. You can also use AI chat functionalities to make content more available to all users. However, you should not expect that you do not need human intervention anymore. AI tools are automatizing some tasks and making them easier. 

The Next Wave of AI New Tools and Technologies

Final Thoughts 
AI has been a hot topic for some years already. And year by year, it comes with new tools and technologies that have an impact on the current trends. Well, learning more about what to expect this year can help you shape the strategy of your brand and business.