Facebook Block

When using Facebook, you are going to find on occasion that the number of friends you have drops, for no apparent reason. Now, there are different reasons why this actually happens. First, a person might have actually deactivated their account. This has nothing to do with you and it means that they did not specifically unfriend you or block you, but instead, they just shut down their own account.

The second issue is someone might have their account deactivated due to continually breaking Facebook regulations. There are different rules and guidelines everyone on Facebook needs to follow in order to have their account maintained. If they do not do this, their account is going to be shut down. In order to answer the question of how to tell if someone blocked you on Facebook, you need to follow through with a few, basic steps.

How to Tell If Someone Blocked You on Facebook?

First, just because they do not appear on your friend’s list does not mean that they have blocked you. You are still able to locate their profile listing, even if you are not able to reach it. Due to this, you need to type in their name into the search bar. If nothing comes up, it means there is a strong chance they simply turned off their account or had it deactivated. If, however, they do turn up during the search, but you are not able to actually view their account, there is more of a chance that they potentially blocked you.

When you are thinking about how to tell if someone blocks you on Facebook, you need to go over your information. Facebook is not going to directly tell you whether or not someone has blocked you or unfriended you. Due to this, you need to perform some general investigating on your own. First, check to see if you have received a message from them recently.

If you have been blocked, you are not able to receive any sort of messages from them at all. Also, if you want to check, click on the last message you shared with them and try to send another. If your message goes through and is not shut down instantly, it means their account is live and active. It also means you are not blocked. However, if you no longer see them on your friends’ list, then it is more likely that they simply unfriended you.

If neither of these is proving very helpful, you need to log out of your account and perform a search for the individual. When you are logged in, if you have been blocked, it is possible that their information is simply not going to appear in the search field at all. However, if you are logged out and you search for the individual, it should still appear.

Due to this, after you have logged out, you just need to type in their name into the search bar. If you are able to find the person when you are logged off but you are not able to find them when you are logged on, it means they have their search setting saved on allowing anyone to search for them except you specifically. If this is the case, it means that they have, in fact, blocked you.

If after all of this you are still confused as to how to tell if someone blocked you on Facebook, you might need to do a good old fashioned Internet search. Log out of your Facebook account, then head over to Google and type in the person’s name into the search bar. You need to make sure to use quotation marks around the person’s name when you do this. So, if you are looking up “John Smith,” you actually need to type the quotation marks around the name. You also need to make sure to use the Google search engine. This kind of search is not possible with the other search engines out there.

Now, after you have typed in the person’s name and performed the search, you need to click on the search engine return. From here, open up a separate window and log onto your Facebook account. Now, go back to the search engine result and click on the result.

Take note if it looks the same or different. Does the profile exist or has it suddenly disappeared, as if it never existed? If it disappeared, it means they have blocked you. However, if your friend’s name does not appear in the search result, it does not mean they have blocked you, it just means Google probably has not yet crawled their account page yet, which means it is not going to appear on search engines yet.

Of course, if all else fails, you can simply message a mutual friend. It is rather easy to do this. You just need to message a friend and ask them to perform a search of the person in question. If they are able to see their account page and access the person’s information, it means you have been blocked and are no longer able to see their information.

What to Do About It?

How to tell if someone blocked you on Facebook might be an important skill to learn. But most of the time, really, it isn’t. Now, you need to keep in mind that people are going to block other individuals. This is just a matter of social media and you should not let it bother you. In fact, try not to worry about it at all. You are going to have your friend numbers go up and down constantly throughout your time on Facebook and other social media accounts.

You needn’t get all worked up about it or anything, otherwise, you are just going to go crazy every single time you see the number change at all. Just let it go, because after all, you probably have too many other things to actually stress out about, you don’t need to stress about your Facebook friend count.

Now that you know how to find blocked people on Facebook, you might be asking yourself how do you block people on Facebook? It really is rather straightforward and does not take much for you to do. To perform the block, you need to log onto your Facebook account and navigate over to the individual’s profile page. On the page, located right on the cover photo, is a pull-down menu that says you are their friend. Click on this pull-down menu and you are going to see there are a few different options available to you with one of them being “Block.” Now, if you really want to block the individual, you can go ahead and do this.

While you are able to unblock them later, they might perform the same basic search features that you just did in order to determine if you blocked them or not. If you want to try and avoid some of the drama that might come from this, you can opt into unfollowing them. When you do this, you are not going to see any of their Facebook posts and they are basically going to appear invisible to you. They are still able to send you messages, so you might want to go with the block option, but it is a valuable alternative when you ask how I block people on Facebook.