Facebook may be the most popular social media site for people of all ages. It has become an Internet powerhouse that grows more and more prominent every day. It is now virtually unheard of for any national or international company not to have a Facebook page. Between business users and personal users, there are tons of Facebook statistics out there that most people don’t even know.

Basic Facebook Facts And Statistics

As of July 2014, the number of people that use Facebook every day is 829 million. An overwhelming 72% of adults with a Facebook page are logged into their account no less than once a month. Facebook user statistics show that each month 1.23 billion people actively use this social media site.

Facebook Bullying Statistics

In 2013 British publication Mail Online named Facebook the worst social network when it comes to bullying. According to them the main target of Facebook bullies is male 19-year olds. Of all the cases of cyberbullying reported 87%, they were done through Facebook.

To counteract as much Facebook bullying as possible pages have been created on the social networking site to discourage people from bullying others. Bullyingisviolence and internetsafetystatistics.com are two active Facebook pages that work to stop this problem.

Facebook Cyberbullying Statistics

Though it is hard to come by statistics on the cyberbullying cases that have taken place on Facebook it is easy to find stories of underage members who have had graphic pictures of them posted on the site by bullies. Along with the graphic pictures come inappropriate comments laced with curse words and other offensive languages.

Facebook Stalking Statistics

Out of those guilty of stalking people on the Internet, 16% of them use Facebook to do it. Of all the teenagers in the U.S. who use this social media site 29% of them have faced friend requests from people, they have never heard of. Teenagers often stalk other teenagers that they know, on Facebook. In fact, 22% of all Facebook users have had a friend who pulled a prank on them using their Facebook status to do so. Of all the social media sites on the internet, today stalkers are using Facebook the most often, with Twitter being the second most popular social media site to stalk people on.

Facebook Divorce Statistics

Facebook has had a big impact on teenagers and their relationships with significant others. In fact, college students who use Facebook have reported that they check up on their ex-boyfriends or girlfriend through social media sites. Studies show that of all the college students in the U.S. 83% have done this at some point. Facebook seems to make it harder for people to move on after a breakup, as 74% of all college age Facebook users will look at the profile of the person their ex is currently dating. When a user has an ex unfriend them, 70% will simply view their ex’s Facebook page through a friend’s account.

Changing the face of not just dating relationships, Facebook also leads to the end of some peoples’ marriages. In fact, in the U.K. 20% of all divorces happen as a result of Facebook and other social media sites.

A survey conducted in the U.K. determined that within the country one out of every five divorces is somehow linked to Facebook. One U.K. company that handles divorce petitions reported that of the 5,00 they had on file 989 of them mentioned Facebook. Each divorce petition that mentioned Facebook went uncontested.

Pacific Standard Magazine reports that using Facebook and/or Twitter leads to a higher rate of divorce compared to people who don’t use either social networking site. Research shows that between 2008 and 2010 the states with the highest number of people on Facebook had a higher divorce rate than normal by a difference of 2.18%.

In 2010 the American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers administered a survey that had 81% of the country’s most prominent lawyers stating that Facebook is increasingly being included in evidence concerning divorce proceedings. It was reported that in 66% of all divorce cases in the U.S. Facebook was the social media site that was used as evidence.

A 2011-2012 survey conducted by the University of Texas at Austin showed that couples who spent a significant amount of time on Facebook were more likely to be unhappy in their marriages compared to couples who didn’t. Participants in this survey reported that after using Facebook they were likely to think about ending their marriage.

Facebook Addiction Statistics

Facebook can become addictive to some users. It is not unheard of for people to become extremely dependent on social networking sites to make them happy. In fact, there are concerns that the more an individual uses Facebook the more likely they are to suffer from mental health issues. Many people feel social anxiety as a result of using this site for social networking.

In 2013 Fox News reported that a study had been done which determined Facebook users who saw posts from their friends that make it clear their friends are happy caused a significant amount of emotional damage. The study also showed that some Facebook users have jealousy issues and that seeing pictures of their friends’ vacations makes those jealousy issues worse.

Many teenagers are already struggling to find their identity and to some, Facebook can make that struggle even harder. It is not uncommon for jealous teenagers to be upset if their friend’s posts get more comments than theirs do.

A study conducted in Germany determined that the amount of time college students spent using Facebook has a direct connection to how bad they feel about their own lives.

Facebook addictions often occur because some users are constantly pleased with what the social media site has to offer them. Checking the site can become a compulsion for some users. For these people being off of Facebook causes them anxiety in their lives.

The addiction many people feel to Facebook has become so prevalent in today’s society that Facebook Addiction Disorder is recognized by psychologists throughout the United States.

Facebook Friend Statistics

The average number of Facebook friends a typical user has is 130. They also send out friend requests to eight people every month. The average Facebook user is on the site no less than 55 minutes each day. The Facebook users that have the highest number of friends on the site are between the ages of 18 and 24. The site is more popular with teenagers than any other age group.

The parental controls Facebook uses helped determine that most teenage members of Facebook have an average of 201 friends on the site. The interaction that teenagers have with their friends on Facebook usually involves chatting with them privately or posting messages on their walls. In fact, 86% of the teenagers that use Facebook most often use it to leave comments for their friends while 66% of them simply send their friend’s private messages.

Facebook Statistics By Age

In 2011 IStrategy Labs released a report discussing the different Facebook statistics according to the age groups of users. The report noted that between 2008 and 2011 Facebook use in the age group of 13 to 17-year-olds went down by 25.3%. Within those same three years, the number of Facebook users 55 or older increased by 80.4%.

Facebook Use Statistics

A 2013 article in Business Insider stated that 73% of U.S. based Internet users who have a Facebook account earn at least $75,000 per year. Of all the Facebook users in the world, 86% of them reside somewhere other than the United States. Of these 86%, 29% of users outside the U.S.live in an Asian country.

Facebook Usage Statistics

These days most major companies use a Facebook page to target consumers. Of all the websites that have a social widget, 62% use the social media site as part of their business plan. The websites that have a Facebook widget account for 18.1% of the entire collection of websites on the internet.

Facebook Users Statistics

In September of 2014, Business Insider reported that U.S. women were 10% more likely than U.S.men to join Facebook. They also stated that men were more likely to join social media sites other than Facebook than women were.

Facebook Advertising Statistics

As of July 2014, 1.5 million advertisers use Facebook to market themselves. As of November 2013, one million small and medium-sized businesses use Facebook for advertising as well. There are so many international users of Facebook that 52% of the ads that appear are targeting regions not located in the United States. Every day a collective 9% of digital advertising is distributed through Facebook.

Facebook Page Statistics

As of February 2013, there were 50 million Facebook pages in existence. Half of these pages are used by small businesses to advertise themselves. Of all the Facebook pages run by small businesses 30 million of them are updated at least once per month. Of the updated business Facebook pages 19 million of them are updated using a mobile device.

Facebook Growth Statistics

Facebook was popular enough, to begin with, but it grew in popularity as it attracted users who wanted access to the many games the social media site offers users for free. The addition of these games has helped Facebook grow when it comes to member activity. From March 2012 to March 2013 75% more users were installing Facebook games on their computers. This year the number of members playing Facebook games grew by 24%.

Facebook Profile Statistics

When it comes to a person’s Facebook profile pictures are a large factor in the equation. As of March 2013 profile photos made up 10% of all photos posted on the site. Studies show that female Facebook members upload a new profile picture an average of every two weeks while for men it is an average of every three weeks. Every year since 2006 the number of profile photos members post has tripled.

Facebook Statistics 2012

In 2012 250 million photos were uploaded to Facebook every single day. On a daily basis, Facebook sees 2.7 billion new likes from users.

Statistics On Facebook

There are some amazingly large statistics on Facebook. As of June 2014 1.07 billion, Facebook users access the site on their mobile devices. The highest amount of traffic on Facebook per day occurs from 1 pm to 3 pm.

Statistics Of Facebook

At the end of each week, Facebook use increases. The engagement rate on the site is 18% higher on Thursday and Fridays than it is the rest of the week.

Twitter vs Facebook Statistics

As of October 2014, Twitter has 1/5 of the users that Facebook has. Facebook earns more revenue per year than Twitter does as well, making it the clear winner.