Quite a few kids around the U.S. and all around the world use the iPhone. Because of its apps and capabilities, these kids can blunder into situations they can’t handle easily – such as sexting, downloading porn websites and either taking part in or witnessing, cyberbullying. Parents are right to be concerned. If you, as a parent, are making the payments for your child’s iPhone, you have the right to witness what they are doing with that device. If you choose to install an iPhone monitoring app, you have the right to quietly monitor the activity on your child’s phone – and your child can’t say anything about it. If they are trustworthy, they have nothing to worry about. If they have done anything in the past that has caused you concern, having this app on their phone can help them remember to cooperate with your rules concerning the use of “your” phone.

About the iPhone Monitoring App 

This app works by taking logs of each SMS message and call made from and to the phone. Once a message or call has been made to or from the phone, the app will send the data to your private account, where you can review what is happening. If you set it up, this app also lets you know your child’s whereabouts – you’re able to create the time intervals you prefer.

How does this work? Register and create a username and password so that, when you want or need to check on your child, you’ll be able to log in on the Online Control Panel, according to Mobile Spy. Once you’re on the Control Panel, you’ll be able to:

º Log all text messages.

º View social media activity.

º Check on web activity.

º See what YouTube videos your child has watched.

º Monitor what apps your child downloads.

º Block unwanted applications.

º View messenger logs (Yahoo, Gtalk, Blackberry Messenger and others).

º Receive alerts if your child does something you don’t allow.

º Keep track of your child’s contacts.

º Keep up with your child’s calendar events.

º Know where your child is, via GPS mapping (on a premium plan).

º Lock your child’s phone using the SMS commands feature.

º View every inbound and outbound email.

º View your child’s phone in real time, if you buy the premium plan.

º Log and view each iMessage sent and received from your child’s phone.

º Monitor every URL address visited by your child (Safari browser).

º See every photo taken on your child’s phone.

This app interfaces with your child’s smartphone. Just log in by entering your username and password. If you purchase the premium plan, you’ll have access to a live control panel, which allows you to see what is happening in real-time.

How Does the iPhone Tracker Work? 


Teens aren’t always the most reliable at keeping track of their possessions. This includes their iPhone, which they could end up leaving in their locker, the gym or in a friend’s car. Once they realize they don’t have it with them, you need to be able to track that phone down. If you purchase an app that can track the whereabouts of the phone, you’ll be able to locate where that phone is. (Of course, if it is in your teen’s locker at school, they won’t be able to get to it until the school is unlocked at the beginning of the next school day.) What does Lookout do?
º Protects your family’s and child’s privacy – it helps you to figure out which apps are able to access where you and your child are. You’ll be able to choose those apps that don’t have this capability.

º Lookout also notifies you if your phone’s software is out of date – which could potentially expose you to security risks. It also notifies you if your phone or iPad has been jailbroken, according to Lookout.

º This app will also help you backup your contacts if you haven’t synced your iPhone. If you have hundreds of contacts, you know how much time this can save.) The premium plan will enable you to back up all those photos as well – if your child takes photos of every event, happening and meal, this adds up to potentially hundreds of photos.

º Lookout protects Apple, Android and kindle devices – it isn’t specific to only one OS. Simply add each device to one Lookout account. If any of these devices are lost, Lookout will help you to find them.

How an iPhone Parental Monitoring App Protects Your Kids 

How old was your child when you provided an iPhone to them? Twelve? Fourteen? Older? Not every child has the emotional maturity to keep up with their possessions 100% of the time. They lose or misplace their phones. They do something inappropriate or even borderline illegal with their phone. While you want them to have immediate access to you whenever they need it, you don’t want to find out that they have taken a nude selfie of themselves or downloaded a classmate’s nude photo. You don’t want to find out that they “went along with the crowd’ and bullied a vulnerable classmate.

Because not every child is able to understand cause and effect, they may do something that you have already forbidden them to do – and you need to know this so that, when you sit down with them, you have all the necessary facts, backed up with hard evidence.

An iPhone parental monitoring app helps you to stay current with your child’s activities. Is your child watching movies instead of working on pre-algebra homework? If so, their grades might be slipping. Is your child taking their phone into their room at night and texting half the night away?

By installing a monitoring app, you’ll be able to spot these patterns and stop them before they become too entrenched.

º You’ll be able to lock the device at a certain time of night, then unlock it again in the morning. Or you can lock up only certain functions, according to PhoneSheriff.

º Block only certain phone numbers so your child can’t contact someone. In addition, you’ll be able to view all calls and text messages from a certain phone number. If you see anything happening that troubles you or your spouse, being able to review interactions before blocking allows you to know that you are taking the right action to block some numbers. Just as you’re able to block numbers to calls and SMS messaging, you can unblock those numbers as well.

You Have the Right to Use an App to Monitor iPhone Use 

Of course, this all raises the question: Do you, as the parent, have the right to make use of any apps that allow you to monitor your child’s iPhone usage? If your child’s number is on your family’s calling plan, you certainly do have the right – especially if your child is under the age of 18. While they may shout and scream about getting their own cell phone plan, relax – they aren’t legally able to sign contracts until they celebrate their 18th birthday. Once you remind them of this, they will have to agree to your monitoring of their phone, especially if they want to keep that privilege. You’ll be able to:

º Manage their calls.

º Check instant messages.

º Read emails. If you are worried about some interactions, this app can give you the information you need, according to MSpy.

º Track their GPS location.

º View every multimedia file.

º View text messages.

It’s easy to install and use. Once you finish installation, you can begin monitoring your child’s activities.

Finding an iPhone Baby Monitor App 

The iPhone is used for so many things, why can’t it be used as a baby monitor? Actually, it can! If you have been wanting a monitor with video capabilities, the iPhone is ideal for this purpose – the touch screen is big enough that you can see your baby or toddler when they should be napping, not playing.

Depending on what you need, you’ll be able to find systems that interact with your iPhone. If your little one is already mobile and getting out of their crib, you’ll want a system that allows you to pan and scan the camera around the room. Some systems have mics and speakers that mean you’ll be able to communicate with your child from another room, if necessary, according to Joyful Abode. Give the baby monitor iPhone app a look.