How Cyber Bullying happens?

Cyber-crimes are crimes that happen online. The victim might fall for an online scheme, an online fraud or online harassment. but How Cyber Bullying happens is still a question that needs answers.

Online harassment is referred to as cyber-harassment on most cases. Cyber-harassment could be looked at as two different cyber-crimes. One is cyber-stalking and the other is cyber-bullying.

Cyber-bullying is the form of online harassment that happens to youngsters who log online with the intention of social connections. The dangers behind cyber-bullying are the stress and anxiety that the victim falls under.

Imagine being harassed constantly during lunch hour in school, in class, on your school bus and through your phone or online as you go home. The stress a youngster has to go under to survive this kind of bullying is sometimes too much to handle.

Bullying causes depression, self-esteem problems, stress, sleep problems and loss of appetite.

Cyber Bullying 2

So How Cyber Bullying happens is related to a lot of mental issues that must be addressed first.

As the bullying problem remains un-addressed, the victims may resort to cutting, drugs even suicide. Even after the victims falls under depression that may be the reason behind committing suicide, the bullying sometimes still happens on the victim’s memorial pages that friends and family launch. There is really no limit to how far the bullying can go.

Cyber-bullying is a form of cyber-harassment that occurs mostly to under-age people i.e. students and teenagers. However, the terms used to refer to a cyber-crime happening to an adult are cyber-harassment and cyber-stalking.

Cyber harassment mostly occurs on chatrooms, forums and social media pages. Each person logging on is a potential victim. Cyber-harassment essentially takes the form of constant and persistent harassment that happens online. Threatening emails, facebook messages, and pornographic content sent to you, even threatening texts and phone calls. Anonymity is what makes the bullying think they are safe. Hiding under a false name or identity is often the case with the cyber-harasser. This does make the cyber-crime harder to trace, yet does not make it impossible.

Adults fall victims to cyber-harassment without having any idea why. However, some harassers seek cyber-harassment as a form of revenge from the victim. This is why it is extremely important to always keep information you share online to a minimum.

Cyber-stalking is also a form of cyber-crime. It occurs mostly to people sharing their agenda online, as in places they will be in at certain occasions. In some sever cases, the victims become a victim of rape or sexual assault. This form of cyber-harassment is dangerous as it could turn into live stalking which may lead to dreadful consequences.

We hope this clarifies some questions on How Cyber bullying happens. Understanding How Cyber Bullying happens can change your perspective on the world of bullying and cyber bullying. 

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