Parents buy cell phones for their children so they can keep track of them and their whereabouts. For some families living in some areas, this is a real necessity. For other families, the decision to track their children’s whereabouts is more for their own comfort level – these parents are helicopter parents, hovering over their children’s activities and locations, believing they are protecting them. Is there a free iPhone tracker available? Yes, if you visit the iTunes store, you’ll be able to find a free tracker to download to any iPhone held by a member of your family. 

About the iPhone Tracker App 

The iPhone tracker helps you to keep track of where the phone (and your child or spouse) are located. It works by recording locations by using WiFi, GPS or cellular signals. As the tracker records various locations, it uploads all the records to a secure server.

You are able to monitor where your child and their iPhone are located in your community at any time. If you need to keep track of your child, you log into the FollowMee website, using your computer or a mobile device. You may need to do so if your child is late coming home from school, band or sports practise or a friend’s house.

If you or your spouse have decided to download location trackers to each other’s phones because of safety issues, having access to an iPhone tracker helps ease your mind as you’re on the way to or from work.

The location tracker works in these ways:

º Location monitor.

º Real-time update.

º Vehicle tracking device.

º Tracks multiple phones.

º SOS panic button.

º It’s always on.

º Conserves battery consumption so it doesn’t drain your battery.

º Doesn’t rely on the availability of the Internet.

º Offers multiple mobile platforms.

The current version of the GPS tracker will work only for iOS 6 or higher. If you run GPS continuously, this will drain your phone’s battery life significantly.

The iPhone GPS Tracker

The standard edition of the iPhone GPS tracker offers additional tracking services for a small fee. With this version, you can:

º Locate a lost/stolen iPhone.

º Follow the movements of your spouse, children, vehicles or any of your employees.

º Keep track of your physical exercise (hiking, bicycling or running).

º Download and install the tracker to your phone so others can keep up with your movements.

In this version, you’re able to:

º Opt-in sharing, which lets you publish your movements through URLs or downloadable KML files. In addition, you’re able to embed your movements into your website or on Facebook.

º Download your movements in CSV (which is Excel) or HTML, allowing you to include mileage calculations.

º SOS panic button. Here, you email your location and contact a specific phone number.

º Geo-fencing – Get notification emails when a tracked phone enters a geo-fence area.

º Password-protect your phone screen so others can’t stop this app from operating.

The SMS Tracker for iPhone 

If you are worried that your child is being bullied with text messages being sent to their iPhone, you can install an SMS tracker for iPhone onto their phone.

According to SMS Trackers, this monitor can be installed into a target phone. Once it has been, you can get a list of all SMS messages sent and received on that device.

If you try to rely on free spy apps can endanger your child’s phone, especially if the free app comes contaminated with viruses. If this happens, your personal data, as well as that of your child, can be accessed by someone who shouldn’t have anything to do with your personal information. It’s better to find a paid app from a reliable company.

How does the SMS tracker work? First, it works in the background of your child’s phone. They don’t need to know that you have installed this software – but if you do choose to let them know, remind them that you installed it as a way of protecting them – not because you don’t trust their judgment.

You may wonder if you can uninstall the software. This is possible. Depending on the program you choose, you should be able to go to your phone or computer control panel and click on a button to remove the tracker software.

Using an iPhone Tracker Online 

Programs are available that allow you to track your phone or those of your spouse and children. Once you’ve installed the software, you can keep up with everyone’s movements and locations online. The steps to connect phones include:

º Registering your account, which creates a device ID.

º Begin running the app. Wherever you or your family go, you can keep track of them, even if they are on a plane flight, according to Insta-Mapper.

º Log into your Insta-Mapper account, where you can track and share your own location in real-time. You’ll also be able to review any routes you or your family took.

Features include:

º Live sharing.

º API web services.

º Route overview.

º Track several devices simultaneously.

º Participate in a community forum.

How the Lost iPhone Tracker Works 

If someone in your family has misplaced a tier iPhone, you need to find it – fast! Even if you haven’t downloaded the “Find my iPhone” app to the missing phone, download it to another family member’s phone and track your phone this way.

If you’re worried that someone might try to remove your lost device from iCloud, if the device is an iOS7 or later, it cannot be removed from this service. All Apple products with iOS7 or later carry the Activation Lock, which doesn’t allow anyone to disconnect the phone, according to Trendblog.

Here is how you locate a lost iPhone using a tracker:

º Login to iCloud and activate “Find my iPhone.”

º Choose “All devices” and find the missing phone. The tracker software begins looking for the phone, which can take some time. Once it finds the phone, you’ll see where it is on the map.

º At this point, trigger an acoustic signal on the missing phone if it isn’t in your home.

º Activate “lost mode.” Wipe all data from the missing phone. (Use this only as a last option, because “Find my iPhone” won’t work on the phone after you do so.)

º As you activate “lost mode,” this locks your phone with a password and flashes a message that you choose. A phone number that you choose is also displayed, enabling anyone who finds the phone to notify you. This function enables location services on the lost phone, even if the phone is deactivated. As long as the phone is in “lost mode,” location services will function.

Is it a Good Idea to Track Your Child with an iPhone Tracker? 

That depends on the situation. If your child is being cyberbullied, monitoring their phone enables you to set up an extra layer or two of protection around them while you work to get law enforcement and school administrators involved in stopping the bullying.

Even if your child made the mistake of deleting offending messages on their phone, you’ll still be able to recall and read them, according to HowLifeWorks.

What kinds of situations do you need to protect your child from?
º Sexting.

º Online solicitations

º Developing a friendship with someone you don’t trust.

º Sending or receiving potentially provocative photos.

You don’t need to have your child’s iPhone set the tracker up on their phone. Even better, you don’t have to worry about jailbreaking the phone, which could invalidate any warranties on the device. You need only their Apple ID and password to install the software.

Are SMS Trackers Good for Family Relationships? 

You want to trust your children and you want them to trust you. Sometimes, they muddle into situations that require you to increase your supervision until you know they are acting in a way you expect of them.

If you and your spouse decide that it’s necessary to install an SMS tracker on the phone, explain to your child why you’re doing so. Be honest with them and let them know you need them to be honest with you. Let them know that, once the situation that caused the need for a tracker to be installed is over, you’ll remove it from their phone.