Tips on Choosing a Username

Using the Internet is not only a way to find information and share funny pictures with family members using social media. It is also a way to build brands and create a name for yourself within blogs, internet communities, message boards, and even with your own personal website or online presence. Understanding what are good usernames and how to go about selecting a username that is right for you can help you to draw more attention to anything you are promoting–from yourself to a local business.

What is a Username?

A username is a name that is selected to represent your identity any time you are registering to become a new member of a website, blog, email site, or even an online message board community or forum. Selecting a username that is fitting for you is a way to remember it and to also present yourself in any way you prefer.

Why Choose a Cool Username Online?

Choosing a cool username is a way for you to not only make a memorable name for you to remember when logging in to your accounts, but it is also a way to make a splash in any online community you join and partake in personally. Choosing a cool username online is a way to help with standing out, helping to potentially boost credibility, earn you points, and help you to gain friend requests along the way.

If you are wondering what are some cool username combinations or ideas to go with, here are a few of the most common and popular choices today online:

Date Of Birth Usernames: Using your date of birth or the year you were born when making a username is a better way to remember your username altogether.

Sports Teams: Including the name of your favourite sports team is another way to help remember your online usernames while showing the pride you have for any favourite sports team you have in mind or currently follow.

Funny Names: Making funny and humorous names is another way to stand out online while getting you more followers. Having a funny username is possible by inserting relevant puns, hilarious phrases, or words that are spelt incorrectly but are intentionally done for laughs.

Tips on Selecting a Username That is Right for You

  • Use Your Email Address: Use the name of your email address as the username you use when logging into online communities, networks, message boards, and chat rooms. Using your email address should only be done if it does not contain additional personal information about yourself.
  • Use a Unique Combination of Words and Numbers: Any time you are making a new username online, be sure to use a combination of unique numbers and words that are easy for you to remember but would be challenging for even those who are closest to you to guess on their own, even with other individuals to help. Using a unique combination of words and numbers means avoiding most personal numbers that are relevant to your own life in your combination when making and selecting new passwords you want to use for all of your registered usernames online.
  • Implement a Difficult Password: Using a difficult and challenging password is also necessary when making a new username, especially when doing so for a new email account you are making for yourself. Implementing a difficult password is a way for you to ensure you keep hackers, thieves, and those who know personal information about you away from accessing any accounts they know you own with the same username.
  • Avoid Using Personal Details in Your Username for Security Purposes

Choosing a Username for Instagram

Choosing a username that works for you or the business, brand, product, or service you are promoting is a way to gain traction in the online world while appealing to more followers and potential customers in the future. Using Instagram is a way to visually appeal to potential customers, fans, and followers free of cost with the use of hashtags.

When using Instagram you are not only given access to a variety of editing tools for all users, but you can also use multiple hashtags any time you upload a photo and share a new update. Using Instagram is a way to document your life and various events that occur and that you experience with online followers, friends of yours, and even your very own family.

What is Instagram?

Instagram is a downloadable mobile app available for iOS and Android phones and devices. Instagram is free to use and allows users to take and share photos and quick 15-second video clips with other individuals who are following the user online themselves. Using Instagram is ideal when you are looking for a platform to share your life’s stories with the use of both photos and videos. With Instagram, it is also possible to edit photos and videos you create with the application to add mobile filters, blurred effects and even various lighting effects prior to publishing the media content directly to all of your followers or to specific users you have in mind.

What Are Hashtags?

Hashtags are tags that are virtually inserted into social media communities and websites online to help organize data and to assist other online users in finding specific information they have in mind. Making a hashtag requires the pound key whether you are doing so on Twitter, Facebook, or even your very own blog or website. A sample hashtag with content includes; #usernametips. Using a summary of what you want to share or talk about with others is a great way to connect with others while building the following you have and the number of fans you have online.

Selecting a Username for Facebook

Whenever you make a Facebook account you will be prompted to select a username that is relevant to your own name and that is also easy for you to remember if you intend to share your Facebook information with other users and individuals who want to know more about you personally online.

If you want to choose a username for yourself personally, doing so can be done by adding in your first and last name as well as the year you were born if you cannot add your original name due to it already being taken by another individual on Facebook.

Selecting a username for your business or brand’s Facebook account should be done by using the official name of your business or the most popular name your brand or company goes by with consumers of yours. Selecting a username for your business or brand’s Facebook should be done by utilizing the entire word of your company to help followers and visitors to remember your username and business name while also helping to spread brand awareness overall. Using a short, sweet, yet full name for your business and it’s Facebook page is also a way to help with drawing more attention to your business and what it has to offer altogether.

How to Pick a Username for Your Gmail Account

Selecting a username for your Gmail account can be done by using the same username as your other online communities and networks or by going with a professional username and incorporating your own personal name into the new Gmail account you are registering. Before you select the Gmail account that is right for you it is important to determine whether you want to register a new account for yourself personality of a business or brand you are representing online. Avoid using your full name within your new email account only if you are afraid of revealing your identity or if you are underage and using online communities and networks to chat with others and use various boards or forums.

Any time you choose to create a new email account with the use of Gmail it is essential to select an even more challenging and difficult password to crack, even for the most skilled and experienced online hacker or thief. Using a stronger password for your email account with Gmail or any other email service provider is a way for you to ensure you keep all individuals, hackers, and those you know from accessing personal information, data, and documents you want to keep safe.

Knowing what a good username is and how to go about picking a username that is fitting for you is a way to save time whenever you decide to register on a new site or community online. Selecting a username that is fitting to you and relevant to your life is also a way to make a statement and impact any time you are getting involved with new blogs, social networks, and online communities that are most suitable for you.