The rise of cyberbullying.

You might call the Internet the outlet of cyberbullying but perhaps the movies along with the rest of society are the root. Movies have always given way to dreams of doing the unthinkable, the Web it is said Let y be whoever you want to be. The internet and movies lack consequences for the abuser. Cyberbullying attacks the less aggressive and occasionally turns the less aggressive into the extreme.

The lack of aggression is seen as an opportunity to become aggressive. This happens in the movies and has moved on to the Web. In movies, the weak are protected by the strong but on the Web, there are no eyes to see. So, the bully goes free. Free to bully without consequences. Learn about the rise of cyberbullying!

The world has become more social access to people and resources has become easier than ever. Not only is bullying a thing that goes on within the boundaries of nations but competition and abuses are prevalent over the Internet on a global scale. The devastating effects may not be as debilitating statistically but it does little for future understanding. Some rivals stem from problems solved decades ago. When did the rise of cyberbullying start? When the world gave the Internet Carte Blanche, people got free reign to say and do whatever they liked without consequences.

The Web is somewhat like the Old West before it became civilized. here was no law and anyone wanting to survive better have a weapon or hide. Fortunately, civilization is coming to Cyberspace but very much like the Old West, it has casualties. People are realizing Cyberspace is an interesting place with culture, education and fun but it is without law and that is dangerous. Kids play but there are no traffic laws. Cyberspace is wild.

Cyberbullying is easy to start when a sense of inadequacy exists. This is easy to fuel from a position of anonymity and when people can do it without suffering the pain of the person they are menacing. The Web problem of bullying became a problem when there was no way human emotion could move through a machine. The damage of hurt feelings cannot be demonstrated by a machine. You might say it is more difficult to be hateful and unfeeling to puppy dog eyes. The PC, cell phone and are machines and unlike periods in history with this device it is easy to dehumanize the feelings of others.

A background, the rise of Cyberbullying is long. It began before the term was assigned to Cyberspace. This information is sifted from all over the globe. The more sophisticated the Web the better Cyberbullying gets. People show pictures of themselves and the photos are sent all over the world to anyone willing to look. These people are convinced they a have a personal relationship with these people and they are completely trustworthy.

Pictures are taken and done in confidence. Once betrayal happens, they do not know how to recover from it. The world can be limited for a person using the Web. Cyberspace is their means of reaching out into the world. Some are unable to handle one on one conversation and do better with the machine as a shield. Bullies use this same shield.

Some games on the Web promote bullying. There are games that encourage gang activity and the groups are encouraged to steal, rob and attack other members on site in games. These games have large participation and kids are considered to be out of the loop if they do not play. Parents can say, “Not that game.” Little has changed with growing up. Most people were not allowed everywhere their wild friends were. The majority had to hear about any trouble; because, they were not there when the trouble started.

The rise of Cyberbullying began as a problem when parents stopped putting their foot down, private computers and unmonitored access to the Internet. PC access long after the household has gone to bed and 24/7 cell phone use. The problems started due to a lack of guidelines. The Web was merely an instrument of the breakdown. If young people roamed the street all night the result would be the same only from a different perspective.

The access was given and the PC was the door. Students participating over the Web want to talk to friends and feel they are a part of the group. Sadly, some of these people are misused and deceived by people they think are their friends. Perhaps in person, it is a little easier to tell who your friends are, but on the Internet, there are no body signals or gut feelings to warn a person of trouble brewing.

Sometimes the small things in life are considered the most important things in the world. The sheer number of people seeing things on the Web and passing judgments on others is equitable to stoning a person to death. The only difference it is done under mental pressure. It takes a strong person to stand up under the persecution of a few people but in a world of people is almost unheard of.

The world community is large yet small due to the Internet. People are always people no matter where they are, on the Web or sitting across the room. The playing field on the Web is many times uneven and there is no one there to assure a balance. When it became possible for older people to interact with children without supervision Cyberbullying became a problem. There are governors in public places but the buffers on the Web are very fragile.

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