In the modern age of technology, we can highly recommend keeping in touch with where your children are at all times by using child tracking devices. The simplest versions of a child GPS tracking device are installed in phones for kids. Even better than having a child tracking device chip installed in the phone, is to use a child tracking device implant. Implants are the best child-tracking device because they are permanently part of the child.

Hopefully, a parent will rarely need to access the location of their children by using child tracking devices. Nevertheless, in the case of a major emergency, when a child has gone missing a tracking device can be a lifesaver. According to Random Facts, 76.2% of children who are murdered after being abducted are killed within three hours of being missing. Police and other authorities are not capable of responding to a missing child case in such a short amount of time.

This is why we encourage all parents to seriously consider using a GPS tracking device. Parents may never need to access this technology, however in the case of a child who has gone missing this is critical information and the child’s life can be saved when the parents can locate the child.

Amber Alert GPS has a good child tracking device. Friendship Circle has a review of this device and six others. We like the ones that the children wear as bracelets because they are more likely to stay with the child than the ones carried in backpacks or in pockets.

In the United States, a child goes missing about one in every forty seconds. According to Amber Alert, each year in the USA about 700,000 children go missing. In the European Union, a child goes missing about once every two minutes. This means that over 250,000 children go missing in Europe every year.

These numbers are outrageous, especially if it is your child that is missing. One missing child is one too many if it is your child that is missing. Some children are taken away as parental abductions, and some run away, but about one in twenty children that are missing in Europe is criminally abducted.

Knowing Where Your Child is At All Times

Imagine you are in a crowded shopping mall and you get distracted for just a moment. You turn your back to your child and when you turn around the child is nowhere to be found. This is such a common occurrence in the lives of parents. It is every parent’s nightmare. If they are using a child-tracking device, they can push a button and immediately locate the child who may be just out of sight.

The peace of mind these tracking devices offer is so exceptional, that once parents use them; they wonder how they ever were able to live without them. It is so comforting to know where the children are, to protect them from harm. These devices are good for all children and are very effective for children with special needs like children who have autism.

Children with autism have a tendency to wander off, and they are attracted to water. They frequently drown by accident when they are not under sufficient supervision. A waterproof bracelet that serves as a tracking device is especially effective for children that have autism. It can be set to warn parents of the child’s approach to water and ring the mobile phone of the parent to set off an alarm when the child wanders away.

Tracking for Adults with Memory Difficulties

The same devices that help to find children are very useful for adults that suffer from dementia or Alzheimer’s disease and have a tendency to wander away without realizing what they are doing. It is amazing how useful these devices are in locating missing persons of all ages.

Even when under supervised care, adults with memory problems can escape and wander off to danger. It is surprising to anyone that is a caregiver for Alzheimer’s patients how clever they are in making an escape. When a door is left ajar for just a moment or is not closed or locked properly, out they go. To experience this is a shock. It is almost as if they are waiting for the chance to get out. Once they leave the protection of the care facility, they are lost and can wander into traffic or find themselves in harm’s way without even realizing what they are doing.

How wonderful it is for caregivers to be able to track them using a tracking device and retrieve them before they get hurt.

Two-Way Tracking

The most sophisticated tracking devices not only locate missing persons but also offer a panic button that can be used in the case of emergencies. These devices can be linked to the mobile phone of the parents so when a child uses the panic button the parent is immediately notified that the child is in trouble and sees exactly where the child is located.


We highly recommend that parents make use of tracking devices to help them know where their children are at all times. The best child tracking device is one that the children wear so they are never separated from their parents who always know how to find the kids at every moment. A child tracking device gives parents peace of mind and for that reason alone, they are well worth the investment.