The trait that most identifies human beings is our intelligence and ingenuity. However, we are also the most communicative of all the world’s creatures. The other animals are virtually silent compared to people who are obsessed with speaking to one another. This is why cell phone and landline companies profit billions every year by keeping people in touch with each other. However, the younger generation is less concerned with speaking and more interested in sending texts.

Sending Text Messages

Hide Text Messages

Texting has certain advantages over talking on the phone. For instance, neither party feels obligated to keep the conversation lively. Each person can simply reply at his or her own convenience so there’s no pressure. Unfortunately, there are a few downsides to sending texts like the threat of the wrong person reading them. This doesn’t just apply to unfaithful men and women in extra-marital relationships. Corporate espionage is still as real as it was in the days of the cold war, and a text message is as dangerous to a company as a nuclear device. Regardless of the reason, keeping a text message from prying eyes is extremely important.

Different Ways to Hide Text Messages

The easiest way to keep nosy people from seeing your texts is to download an advanced security app. There are apps for both iPhone and Android that require separate passcodes to read text messages, see the gallery or even make a phone call. It’s best to use a different code for each feature that you wish to lock and keep to yourself. For iPhone users, there’s also an app known as Cover Me which makes sending and receiving text messages more secure.

Hide iPhone Text Messages With Cover Me

This hide text message app is rather ingenious and it gives you the power to keep secret any text messages you’re worried about others reading. There will of course be some messages across which you don’t mind someone stumbling. For these messages, you can simply use your standard service. However, Cover Me gives you a better platform for sending secret messages. The app works by giving you a separate phone number form which you can text and even make phone calls. This is a handy app to have because most people will simply check your phone’s factory messaging app. However, the Cover Me app works completely independently from this app so anyone searching your recently sent messages won’t see those you sent in private. Best of all, you can always deny having sent any messages from the Cover Me app.

Since you get to choose the phone number you want for the app, you can simply pretend you have no idea what the text message’s recipient is referring to. Someone with a wife and a mistress can give the wife the real phone number and the mistress the Cover Me number. Since both can make and receive phone calls, neither woman is suspicious. If they ever meet, the unfaithful husband can simply say “Honey that isn’t even my phone number.” The unsuspecting wife will simply dismiss the mistress as a desperate or insane woman and the husband gets off without incident.

Text Plus for Anonymity

Just as the Cover me app helps the owner of an iPhone hide text messages, Text Plus can assist the owners of Android devices. This app is only available with Honeycomb or better, but it’s worth the upgrade to have complete privacy when sending text messages. This app works a lot like Cover Me, giving the phone’s owner the ability to make calls and send texts from a secondary number. Best of all, this app is even compatible with tablets, allowing them to make and receive phone calls so long as their a connection to a WiFi network. The only disadvantage to using Text Plus is the inability to choose a particular phone number. Someone living in Detroit, Michigan may end up with a Tacoma, Washington area code which may seem a little suspicious to the recipient. However, this app is still a great way to send text messages that are unlikely to be discovered. While there are a number of advantages to utilizing these types of apps, there are some disadvantages to unbridled secrecy.

Kids Sending Secret Texts

There’s no way to track a text message without alerting the phone’s owner to the fact that you’re doing it. However, some parents still utilize cell phone monitoring software to see who and when their child is texting. This technology even allows parents to monitor when phone calls are sent and received. However, apps like Text Plus and Cover Me make it impossible for the parents to monitor the child’s activity. This is particularly disturbing because children are subject to bullying via text message. This is another form of cyberbullying and it’s a punishable offence in some places. Cyberbullying is a growing issue and parents of children with Cover Me or Text Plus have no way of knowing what their children are sending and receiving. This may seem like a minor issue, but cyberbullying is costing children their lives.

There’s something to be said for secrecy and privacy in this modern age. Anyone who has ever experienced identity theft can attest to this. However, it’s also important to hold people to a certain level of personal accountability.