Internet safety is a priority that every family needs to keep at the top of their list. There are several ways the internet can be used by predators and hackers to disrupt a person’s life. Viruses can be introduced through emails. Financial information can be lost when insecure servers are used for banking transactions and purchases. Bullies and predators can also use the internet to attack or interact with their targets. Several famous people have become very outspoken when it comes to internet safety and keeping others informed about how they can protect themselves and their families, one of those famous people is Donna Rice. 

Donna Rice Hughes

At the age of 13, Donna Rice Hughes began acting and modeling. While continuing to pursue her acting career, she enrolled at the University of South Carolina. She graduated in 1980, with a major in biology and Magna Cum Laude honors. After college, Hughes entered and won the Miss South Carolina pageant. She began to travel the pageant circuit. During this time period, she was date-raped by an older man affiliated with the pageant.

The rape became a catalyst for Hughes that eventually propelled her into a lifestyle that was less than desirable. She attempted to further her acting and modeling career, first in New York and then in Miami. While living in Florida, she met and began spending time with Presidential hopeful, Gary Hart.

Before Becoming an Internet Safety Advocate

Before Donna Rice Hughes became an internet safety expert, she was widely known for her affair with Gary Hart. The scandal was discovered at the same time Hart declared his intent to enter the race for President of the United States. Even though both parties claimed there was nothing happening between them, photographs surfaced that suggested otherwise. As a result of the scandal, Hughes eventually resigned from her job and left the public eye, choosing to reconnect with her Christian faith and following a more reclusive lifestyle.

Enough Is Enough

It wasn’t until seven years later that she re-emerged and made a decision to follow another path. She was hired by Enough Is Enough as a spokesperson and director of communications. In 2004, she became the company’s President and CEO. She began to work diligently to support the company’s efforts of making the internet as safe as possible for all who use it. It was her goal to help protect both children and adults from online predators, stalkers, and hackers.

Enough Is Enough is a non-profit organization that is dedicated to promoting internet safety. The organization operates nationwide and works to protect children and families from internet predators and the techniques they use to ensnare their victims. They offer both workbooks and a DVD series that teach valuable tools for both parents and children. The organization has partnered with the U.S. Department of Justice in creating a wealth of materials for families to use both as protection and to prevent bullying and abuse.

Bullying is also addressed by Enough Is Enough. Online predators do not confine their activities to exploitation or sexual promiscuity, they also thrive on bullying others or making them feel inferior. A bully has complete anonymity when hiding behind a computer monitor. The internet allows them to conceal their identity and basically harass and manipulate anyone they can.

Parents and educators who use the tools supplied by Enough is Enough can help protect their families from those predators. By taking precautionary measures, they can prevent bullying and other tactics that use the internet as a medium. With the increased use of state of the art technology in computers, tablets, and now, cell phones, the programs offered by Enough Is Enough can be applied and used almost anywhere at any time.

Internet Safety 101

Donna Rice

Internet Safety 101 is a DVD series that was developed by Enough Is Enough to help parents and children learn important internet safety tools. The organization, working in conjunction with the United States Department of Justice, developed the series in an attempt to provide families with the means to use the internet safely and effectively.

Internet Safety 101 goes into great detail about the dangers that are associated with the internet. It offers an extensive amount of information concerning various dangers and how predators use the internet to gain a child or adult’s confidence. The series provides parents and educators with the tools they need to teach children safe ways to navigate the world wide web and what things should be avoided at all costs.

Future Plans

As President and CEO of Enough Is Enough, Donna Rice Hughes is committed to furthering the mission of the organization. She has worked directly on the Internet Safety 101 DVD series as well as other programs and teaching tools the organization has to offer. As a spokesperson for the organization, she also makes several public appearances to help bring awareness to the issue of internet safety and the hazards that arise when predators begin to target families and children.

Hughes continues to play an active role in the development of programs that teach internet safety. She remains on numerous safety advisory boards and speaks publicly to both small and large audiences. She has worked on both the Children Online Protection Act and the Children’s Internet Protection Act. Along with several government agencies, she has worked with state officials in creating protocols that can be used by schools and other organizations that deal with children on a regular basis.

Hughes works diligently in promoting the values of Enough Is Enough organization. As technology continues to advance, changes must be made in existing programs. Online predators constantly find new ways to reach out to their victims. This requires a dedicated effort on behalf of organizations such as Enough Is Enough to stay ahead of the game. New protocols and safety measures must be updated regularly to maintain sufficient levels of protection.

From a coming model and actress to a political mistress, Donna Rice Hughes began to use her past as a way to improve the future. As she continued to move forward, her eventual rise to internet safety expert and advocate has brought her respect and appreciation from educators and parents alike. The protection of families and children from online predators is of the utmost importance. Organizations like Enough Is Enough offer a continuous stream of tools, techniques, and ideas that are designed to promote internet safety as well as protect children and families from various types of abuse, manipulation, and exploitation.

Hughes has made internet safety her main priority. Her work with Enough Is Enough and other agencies, both public and private, have made her a force to be reckoned with. Her continued efforts have won her several awards and allowed her to continue her work as a spokeswoman and activist.