Just “What Is bullying youtube” is a question that one cannot easily arrive at its answer without doing some thorough research and looking at a number of aspects of this type of bullying. Essentially it forms part of the broader cyberbullying category. Unlike the other types and forms of bullying, bullying that is associated with the use of YouTube occurs over the internet. As the second largest search engine in the world next to Google, YouTube has created the biggest platform over which people can meet, socialize and share their social experiences with each other. YouTube is also utilized by online marketers for advertisement, and or brand awareness.

With its wide and popular use in various applications, YouTube offers a perfect forum for cyberbullies. With the infinite supply of targets for the bullies, their aim is to continuously provoke and torment others by using the internet. This wide variety of bullies who claim anonymity due to the popular use of YouTube as a social platform varies from the paedophiles, who mainly target children, to serial cyber bullies who target adults, and or even company websites.

So What Is Bullying Youtube?

News concerning victims of cyberbullying is common among media houses and is seen on television very often. Cases involving teenagers taking their lives as a result of falling victims to cyberbullying are also common in present society. The increase is attributed to the ease of internet access by teenagers that have been accustomed to new technologies that are used to channel information over the internet. There are many ways through which bullying can be channelled through YouTube.

What Is Bullying Youtube? Impersonation

This is a common practice used by cyberbullies to harass and intimidate their victims. YouTube has a provision that allows its clients to sign up for their services. After signing up, the clients are assigned YouTube accounts. Such accounts are used to uniquely identify them whenever they visit youtube for any type of service. These accounts help in the authentication and identification of persons for purposes of tracing any anomalies that may arise as a result of using the service.

Often times serial bullies hack into these accounts, posing as the legitimate owners of the accounts. They have a way of accessing peoples’ login details, which they use to get into the victims’ accounts and bully them. Besides, they can also create new accounts whose profiles display information belonging to their target victim. It should be understood that it is against the law for anyone to use personal or confidential information belonging to a specific person without that person’s consent.

However, such bullies take advantage of the slight opportunities they have to access such information for purposes of propagating their bully characteristics. They may fabricate information or distort the existing one with the aim of embarrassing and or intimidating the victim. Such information often causes conflict among YouTube users who feel aggrieved due to the hate inducing or inappropriate comments posted by the bullies in the guise of the victims’ identity. They include a projection of patronizing sarcasm and or false criticism about the victim.

What Is Bullying Youtube? Through the Use Of Photos

YouTube allows for the online sharing of event photos by account holders. This is often a wonderful way of socializing that has been invented by YouTube’s technical team for purposes of promoting coexistence. However, bullies often take advantage of this service to target their victims. In the present society, teens seem to have a lot of fascination with taking photos of themselves and sharing them with their friends. Such are commonly referred to as “selfies”

Often, these photos are harmless and are intended for sharing people’s joy. However, when they get into the hands of the bullies, they are plastered or used for blackmail. Bullies also use this forum to post personal photos that are likely to offend the victim. They may hack into the victim’s account and post photos that are inappropriate and which display the victim in the wrong way.

What Is Bullying Youtube? Videos

YouTube also offers a platform on which people can share videos with each other. These may include their favourite music, advertisements, captures from events, and or precious moments. They are also used by musicians as a marketing platform. Upcoming artists also use YouTube to promote their new artistic works. However, bullies abuse the use of this platform by channelling piracy of the music and videos posted by these artists. They may also post information that will provoke their fans. For this reason, it is essential to ensure the security of the videos we post on YouTube since they are potential avenues for use by bullies.

“Happy Slapping”

The act is unlike what the name suggests. There is often nothing happy about it. It involves filming a video of the victim being assaulted and then posting the footage on YouTube for everyone to see. It is so traumatizing to the victim and can have lifetime effects. Cyberbullying is not easy to recognize. However, it is the responsibility of parents to be on the lookout for signs and symptoms that their children could be victims or the bullies themselves. This is only possible by knowing the correct answer to the question “What Is bullying youtube”

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