YouTube bullying is a growing concern. It is easier than ever to upload yourself on YouTube and tell your pals and the rest of the world what you and your friends are doing. Sometimes comments can be so intimidating people may become afraid. Messaging from YouTube chatter is not always the friendliest. Some conversations can verge on threatening. Users experience the problem of receiving threats of being hacked, accounts being stolen or having personal information these people do not have being strolled all over the globe.

What is YouTube? How Do People Cyberbully Using It?

This site is the largest but is among many available for uploading videos. YouTube gets millions of visits a day and the people using it find they need to take extra care. There are many forms of bullying such as schoolyard bullying, cyberbullying and more. When making videos labelled as “bullying youtube” videos, sensitive people may find some of the comments left extremely cruel. Many videographers will sometimes eliminate comments due to the cruelty of some viewers. Some people are simply not prepared for what equates to abuse, especially on a site as unmonitored as YouTube. There is a computer setting for explicit materials but a setting for bullying youtube videos is a bit more difficult.

YouTube Bullying Methods

YouTube bullying methods include sending mean messages, leaving rude comments, and mocking people on videos. Making videos that mock you on a personal nature and sharing it with people, they know and you know. This can be humiliating, especially for the young. With the use of cell phone cameras, videos can be made anywhere under any circumstance. People now make videos in places that were once private. Today it is almost impossible to blow your nose without someone making a video about it. Privacy is almost non-existent in today’s video culture. This increases the opportunity for YouTube bullying.

YouTube is a popular means of posting videos or watching them. It attracts thousands of users throughout the world. However, uploading videos of a personal nature puts you in endanger of a reticule, whether it is deserved, or not. YouTube is an easy format for bullies to weave their destruction. Particularly on those who will not ignore them or block comments. These people need attention, they will take it any way they can get it, negative or otherwise. YouTube is a powerful platform and the bully is centre stage. Gossip and mayhem are extremely attractive to the world and this aids in the bullying format.

YouTube offers a platform for anyone with a computer to make a comment only if you do not put disabled comments. Youtube bullying is very much like an ad campaign. A person with a drive to be mean to another human being can upload something vicious and share it with millions of people. It does not matter if this information is legitimate or not. Once these videos go viral, it is difficult to do reputation management. It is best to take the old “Stick and stones” adage and put no importance on any statement made about you on YouTube. This attitude may be difficult for people with little experience. Nevertheless, when things are said, it is wise to consider the source.

There are numerous ways to keep from being bullied on YouTube. One of these ways is disabling comments. This prevents those that are trying to leave comments that could criticize your videos from appearing. This leaves no way for those to bully you by commenting on your videos. There are a number of people giving advice on bullying. This can be great therapy for people but some people never get over the humiliation of bullying and it follows them into adulthood.

Awareness of a problem is the first defence against any situation. People are becoming aware and this is removing a great deal of power from bullying on YouTube. Thousands of videos are placed on the Web every day, some for advertising and others just to have fun. The wide majority are not out to discredit anyone but the few that are can be very damaging to the people they are trying to harm and the industry. Discussions are opening up to limit the ability of people to use the Web as a tool to damage others. In the meantime, educating people on how to protect themselves is the only answer.

Spread the word on youtube about bullying and how it can be prevented the right way. Let’s help end Youtube bullying Now by teaching children, teens and youth about the dangers of bullying on youtube.

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