Several security forums offer cybersecurity help and consultations online. These forums help users find the best solutions to their cybersecurity-related problems and troubleshoot any security matters. One of these forums is MalwareTips, which unfortunately had accumulated a bad reputation due to several reports of potentially malicious links and applications posted on the forums.

This article brings you a full MalwareTips review to present you with insightful information about the website’s benefits and possible concerns.

What is MalwareTips?

We will introduce you to both potential results appearing when you search for MalwareTips online. The first presents MalwareTips as a community-driven online platform that provides information and resources on malware and cyber threats. The community has a team of experienced professionals and dedicated volunteers, and it offers articles, guides, and forums to help users understand, identify, and remove malware from their devices. MalwareTips follows the mantra of “Knowledge is power”, which aims to empower users with awareness and tools to stay safe online.

The second result you might encounter when searching for MalwareTips online states it is a potentially risky website. Some reports raised suspicions about links posted on the forums that lead to questionable apps and content. Other reports suspect the website is affiliated with EnigmaSoftware, which owns some anti-malware tools. Either way, it’s best to exercise caution when clicking links on the forum and, if possible, consider reputable alternatives for security advice.

What Can You Do at MalwareTips Forums?

What Can You Do at MalwareTips Forums
What Can You Do at MalwareTips Forums

If you visit the MalwareTips forums, you can find numerous things to do. The online community gives you many beneficial functions besides asking or searching for help. Here’s everything related to malware and cybersecurity you can do on MalwareTips.

Get Help

MalwareTips offers you several ways to get help. These ways include posting questions describing the symptoms and seeking help from experienced users and security professionals. The community will diagnose the issue and guide you through the steps for removal. You can also find solutions for common malware problems by browsing existing topics and guides. The forum covers various threats, such as adware, browser hijackers and ransomware. If you need personalised assistance from the community with specific issues, you will find support related to virus removal, software troubleshooting and overall system security.

Learn and Share

On MalwareTips, you will find a library of helpful articles and guides on various cybersecurity topics, including identifying malware, staying safe online and choosing the right antivirus software. You can discuss current cyber threats, new malware trends and best practices for online security with other users. Suppose you have expertise in malware removal or cybersecurity. In that case, you can use your knowledge and experiences to help others and contribute by answering questions, writing guides and helping others solve their problems.

Other Features

Reporting false positives is one of the things you can do on MalwareTips forums. A false positive is when the antivirus program has mistakenly flagged a safe file as malware, and you can report this case on the forums for review by the community and moderators. You can keep yourself informed about the latest cyber threats and security news by following the forum’s discussions and announcements. MalwareTips gives you access to links to external resources such as reputable antivirus software vendors, government cybersecurity websites and security tools.

Quick Tips for a Secure MalwareTips Experience

We recommend that you follow the forum rules, be respectful and courteous to other users and avoid posting illegal content or making personal attacks. It’s vital to verify any information shared on the forums with other reputable sources before taking any action. Always be careful when clicking on links, downloading files or installing software recommended by other users.

MalwareTips Forums Categories

Navigating the MalwareTips Forums, you will find they are divided into eleven categories. Each category has several sub-categories to help you better find what you want. They actively add new categories and topics based on user needs and evolving security threats, so it’s worth checking back regularly to see what’s new.


The first category you’ll stumble upon on the forum is the general community forum. This section includes an Announcements section for MalwareTips’ official announcements, a Community Feedback sub-section, a sub-section for introducing new members, a Member Chat sub-section and an AI-powered answers sub-section.


The second category is the web one, which includes three sub-sections: Security News, Technology News and Crypto News, which brings you all the news concerning cryptocurrencies, blockchain technologies and Web3’s future. The first sub-section brings you the latest on all cybersecurity matters, while the second shows all news concerning technology, hardware, gaming and AI news.


When you reach the third forum section, the first sub-section details all the latest giveaways, promotions and contests. To find the newest software sales and coupons, head to the second sub-section about Discounts and Deals and the last sub-section, MalwareTips Giveaways, brings you the latest of the forum’s official giveaways.


The Setup section provides a dedicated helpful sub-section for each computer and mobile software setup configuration and showcase. PC Setup Ideas is the last sub-section that provides template ideas for Windows security.


There are eight sub-sections in the Security section: General Security Discussions, Privacy Discussions and Discussions about Cryptocurrency. Two sub-sections provide Video and Written Reviews about Security and Privacy, and a sub-section that includes all guides about Online Privacy and Security Tips. The last two sub-sections are about Malware Analysis, Security Statistics and Security Reports.


This section includes everything you need to know about comparing hardware and software in two sub-sections.


The Software forum is one of the largest on the website; it has five sub-sections with additional details. It includes a sub-section for Operating Systems, Browsers, General Apps such as AdGuard, System Utilities and VPNs. Additional sub-sections include Security Apps Avast, Avira and ESET; the last sub-section is about Troubleshooting.


The Hardware section has two sub-sections for Hardware Discussions and Troubleshooting and one sub-section for PC Rig Showcase, where you can take pride in your custom PC builds.


The Support Section in the MalwareTips forum provides users with sub-sections for each of the primary desktop operating systems, Windows and macOS and Android
The Support Section in the MalwareTips forum provides users with sub-sections for each of the primary desktop operating systems, Windows and macOS and Android

MalwareTips provides users with two main sub-sections for each primary desktop operating system, Windows and macOS. These two sections list everything you need to know about removing malware, spyware and ransomware, to name a few. The third sub-section provides malware removal help and support for Android phones.


If you need to go through security guides and tutorials for programming or malware removal, you can visit either of these section’s two sub-sections.


The last section of the MalwareTips forums is for Malware samples and Malware Statistics and Reports.

MalwareTips Forums Rules: A Quick Overview

MalwareTips forums have the same general rules that apply to all online forums and communities, with additional warnings regarding downloading and installing software or programs. You must treat other members respectfully and kindly and avoid personal attacks or insults. Any content you post on the forums must be relevant to the forum you’re posting, and avoid posting illegal or malicious content, including pirated software or phishing scams. Avoid self-promotion and excessive advertising, and don’t share personal information about yourself or others.

If the moderators send you any instruction requests, please follow them to ensure smooth forum operation. You can use the “Report” button to bring other members breaking the rules to the moderators’ attention. You ought to know that all your posts on MalwareTips are public and are accessible to anyone online. It’s best to check existing threads and guides before creating a new topic and use proper English spelling and punctuation. Remember, if you have any questions or need further clarification on any rule, please ask the moderators.

MalwareTips Blog: What Can You Find There?

The MalwareTips blogs include guides and even the latest scam reports and warning.
The MalwareTips blogs include guides and even the latest scam reports and warning.

The MalwareTips Blog is a treasure trove of information on all things cybersecurity and malware-related. There are endless sets of articles and guides for you to check and seek information. These blogs include guides and even the latest scam reports and warnings.

The blog interface boasts three main lists on its front end. Threats Removal is the first list and covers everything from removing adware to removing unwanted programs. The second list is Reset Browser Settings, which shows you how to reset all major market browsers, from Firefox to Safari. The Guide to OS Malware Removal is the last list, which has three categories: Windows, macOS, and Android operating systems. Scroll further down, and you’ll find the recently published blog posts, including scams, browser hijackers, and adware posts.

You can subscribe to the MalwareTips newsletter to stay up-to-date with the latest blog posts and news. Another step to benefit from the MalwareTips blog is to follow MalwareTips on social media, which gives you real-time updates and engages you in discussions with other community members.

MalwareTips User Reviews

Users have had different experiences with MalwareTips; hence, they provided different reviews, complicating the picture. Users who praised the forums’ positive aspects commended the in-depth nature of the guides and tutorials offered on the forums and the blog. Users also appreciated the community support available through the forums, with experienced members assisting with malware removal and troubleshooting. They also praised the blog’s informative articles and news on current cyber threats, scams and security trends.

Despite these benefits, some users suspected that MalwareTips might be affiliated with EnigmaSoftware, which owns the anti-malware software Spyhunter. This affiliation might be a reason why many recommended Spyhunter over other cybersecurity solutions. Other reports mentioned suspicious links within the website that prompt caution when clicking on unfamiliar content. As with any online community, while some users find the site helpful, others expressed scepticism and urged caution. Generally, it’s best to exercise caution and be critical when navigating the website and clicking links, try to verify and cross-check information with reputable sources, and, if possible, explore other reliable cybersecurity resources.

These user reviews of MalwareTips summarise the pros and cons of the website. It’s a well-established platform with a wealth of resources on malware and cybersecurity; its active community offers support and troubleshooting assistance and provides users with free access to valuable information and guides. MalwareTips’ cons, unfortunately, lie with the potential presence of questionable links and affiliations and several mixed reviews and warnings from some users.

Ultimately, the decision on whether or not to use MalwareTips rests with you. Weigh the potential benefits against the concerns and ensure you prioritize your online safety when seeking information and assistance.